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Principles and Focus Area Goals
Commission Office > Principles and Focus Area Goals

BCC Guiding Principles

  1. To be recognized as a community leader in quality of life issues.
  2. To improve Charlotte County government’s morale and employee satisfaction.
  3. To increase and enhance the organization’s and Charlotte County’s productivity and performance.
  4. To enhance and improve our customers’ satisfaction.
  5. To positively change the image of government.
  6. To improve communication both internally and externally.

BCC Focus Area Goals

Focus Area Goals are an integral part of the Strategic Plan.
Quality of Life:
Enhance community life by clean air and water, conservation of wildlife and natural resources, and provide community amenities.

Long‐range Outcomes:
Increase access to and awareness of local natural resources
Develop a community brand or brands
Delineate the core community identity and implement strategies to foster it
Improve the appearance of the community
Support efforts to improve education
Prioritize “blue water”
2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Enhance aesthetics of the County
  • Gateways, U.S. 41, State Road 776
  • Landscape discussion for every project
Evaluate needs of active lifestyle community
  • Multi‐use path opportunities
  • New/emerging sports as a niche for active lifestyle
  • Explore outdoor arts facility through a public/private partnership
Long-range strategy for beach erosion/renourishment
Explore options for enforcement of tourism development tax
Stabilize and maintain County‐wide infrastructure.

Long‐range Outcomes:   
Implement current projects
Maintain maintenance programs & delineate costs
Plan for Unfunded projects – Justice Center, roads
  • Analyze value of various funding mechanisms– Impact Fees; MSBUs
  • Determine the amount of infrastructure needed vs. funding sources (vacant land)
  • Compare the costs of replacing old infrastructure vs. infrastructure needed 
     for growth

2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Develop a 20 year Capital schedule and identify funding
  • Expand to include maintenance projects (5, 10, 20 year schedules)
  • Incorporate results of asset management study and master plans (parks,
     library, facilities, Sheriff)
  • Seek all means of alternative funding (including state and federal)
Discuss and consider next sales tax – review efforts around the state
Explore project management consolidation
Analyze federal changes in HUD
Briefing on fixed-asset management system
Economic Development:
Create a business climate that promotes a diversified, growing economy consistent with established growth management plans and enhanced quality of life.

Long‐range Outcomes:
Articulate community identity from an economic strategy perspective
Strengthen education options for a skilled workforce needed for that identity
Create infrastructure needed to foster development of that identity
Improve data and analytic capacity
Proactive outreach by BCC/Administration to attract business
2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Targeted approach to CRAs
  • Murdock Village
          - Secure “first” large scale project and develop alternative configurations
          - Infrastructure ‐ Toledo Blade as front door
          - Business & Technology Park
  • Parkside – medical corridor
  • Charlotte Harbor – linkage to Punta Gorda
Comprehensive approach to working with education partners – CCPS, CTC, FSW, WMU
  • Communication strategy about educational options
          - Availability of local programs
          - Traditional vs. technical paths 
  • Continued support of Western Michigan University
Promote business brand for Charlotte County
Explore options for improved Visitor Center
Explore options to address hospital overcrowding
  • Assemble team to develop conceptual plan
  • Explore options for attracting a teaching hospital
Explore incubator opportunities
Water Resources:
Ensure quality of natural water resources and provide a safe and reliable water supply. 

Long‐range Outcomes:
Develop a Central Sewer System
Improve water quality in the Harbor
Strengthen public appreciation of the local natural environment and its importance to our local economy
Ensure long term water supply with regional partners
Enhance the credibility and transparency of Utilities Department
Advocacy at all levels – regional, state, federal
2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Develop “Blue Water” strategy
  • Drinking water – Pursue interconnects (RO plant, Tuckers Grade and Babcock 
  • Wastewater
          - Develop next stage of Wastewater Master Plan
          - Educate citizens on benefits of having sewers in population dense areas
  • Reuse
          ‐ Education and promotion of reuse water
          ‐ Evaluate as long-term supply source
  • Storm water ‐ Proactive strategies for TMDL
Growth Management:
Manage growth and change consistent with the County’s comprehensive plan to maximize quality of life with an emphasis on efficient processes that support positive business, neighborhood communities, and protect our environmental assets.

Long‐range Outcomes:
Improved community appearance
Improved traffic flow management
More efficient review processes
More consistent application and interpretation of rules
Encourage consolidation of platted lots that would make the community more attractive to residents and businesses
2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Continued progress in becoming “business‐friendly”
  • Improve consistency and predictability of regulations
  • Ensure regionally consistent on codes
Monitor activity on National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
Next stage of FEMA mapping
Public Safety:
Maintain a safe and healthy community in which to live. 

Long‐range Outcomes:
Maintain low crime rate
Improve community safety features such as lighting, sidewalks, bike paths
Improve the capacity to meet growth demands with respect to response times, equipment, space
Execute strategies to manage risks such as code violations, driver safety, homelessness
Maintain good working relationships with other safety providers such as hospitals
Strengthen community education efforts
Healthier workforce

2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives 

Review systemic healthcare issues and impacts to public safety
  • Work with hospitals to maximize EMS availability
  • Manage rehab facility calls (lift assist)
Review EMS response times and gaps in service
Implement sheriff’s master facility plan
Implement “fit for duty” standards
Master plan for CCSO marine division
Human Services:
Pursue available funding sources to facilitate providing services to meet community needs. 

Long‐range Outcomes:
Develop a comprehensive strategic plan with community partners; integrating various plans, needs assessments; duplication of services and improving access
Enhance coordination with outside agencies
Expand funding options – grants
Strengthen community education about services
Identify who uses our services and trend data about possible future use ‐ Retirees, workers
Better coordination with Sarasota and other surrounding counties regarding homelessness and transportation

2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Make use of Together Charlotte for coordination on issues
  • Review of homelessness
  • Plan for Family Services Center
Assess capabilities to meet medical needs of uninsured and underinsured population
Support efforts to secure additional FQHC resources
Encourage medical education and training
Support development of continuum of housing options including low income and workforce
Monitor implementation of autonomous vehicles
Efficient and Effective Government:
Facilitate the organization’s capacity to govern and manage effectively in the rapidly changing and challenging environment. 

Long‐range Outcomes:
Increase the technological & human relations skills of staff
Make the electronic services of the county more user friendly
Strengthen a culture of innovation, performance and accountability
Strengthen the capacity for analytics and data driven decision making
Improve the customer experience
Healthier workforce
Improve our communications with the public
Proactive approach to disbursing information (ex. press conference)

2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Learn from other counties' best practices
Actively engage in Peace River Water Authority policy direction
Provide SWFWMD participation
Improve communication and correct misinformation
  • Develop one-page data sheets for Public Hearing issues
  • Utilization of social media
Promote benefit of employee health center
Payment structure to retain employees
Fiscal/Financial Planning:
Continue to increase the effectiveness of local government and maintain a strong financial condition.
Long‐range Outcomes:
Improve performance and fiscal data
Educate staff on tools to improve fiscal management
Develop state level strategy for funding

2017/18 & 2018/19 Initiatives
Enhance “line of sight” between various levels of county operations
Integrate strategic goals into long range financial planning
Educate public on financial stability
  • Periodic financial updates
  • Provide education on specific issues prior to and at public hearings 
Include review of debt in budget presentations
Update reserve policy to include non ad valorem funds
Monitor federal infrastructure and market impacts on capital project costs
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Mission, Vision, Values


To be the energy in making Charlotte County a beautiful and enriching place to live.


To exceed expectations in the delivery of public services.


Integrity - being committed to serving with honesty.

Customer Service - being committed to providing excellent service and to achieving real results that earn the public's trust.

Partnership - being committed to working cooperatively with our co-workers and others for the overall good of the community.

Innovation - being committed to innovation and continual learning.

Stewardship - being committed to being good stewards of our resources.

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