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Operations Core Service Mission Statement: Provide quality services, logistical and customer support in an efficient and professional manner to ensure safe, clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing facilities for our employees to work and public to discover, visit and enjoy. 
Facilities Operations Core Service provides frontline staffing to support building function and operations to ensure the Facilities' buildings are clean, safe, and well maintained for public and staff use. We also support elected officials and their operations within our facilities when asked to perform simple tasks or provide guidance for them.
Security staff continuously works to achieve a balance between keeping our facilities, employees, and customers as safe as possible, without substantially interfering with our open style of providing service to the public.
Operational support services and contracts managed by the Operations Division include the following:
Operational Support Services: Support building function and operations
  • Front Counter Services
  • Fixed Asset Inventory Systems
  • County's Switchboard
  • Work Order Repairs and Maintenance Requests from other departments
  • First Responders for emergencies when necessary
  • Building and Safety Checks and Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Program and Repairs
  • Recycling at the 5-story Administration Building and Justice Center
  • Building Exterior Maintenance and Repairs including gutters, roofs, windows and doors
  • Building Keys and associated Access Control for supported buildings
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Custodial Services
  • Supplemental care of lawns, trees, and shrubs
Life and Safety Contract Management: Annual specialty contracts for inspection and repairs for the following systems:
  • Fire Alarm Annual Testing and Inspections - currently support 51 buildings
  • Computer Server Fire Suppression Systems - 18 systems supported
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Certification - Over 450 units annually serviced
  • Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems - 5 units
  • Fire Sprinkler System Inspections and Repairs - 34 systems
  • Fire Pumps Inspections and Repairs - 3 units
  • Fire Backflow Devices Inspections and Repairs - 34 units
  • Elevator Maintenance and Inspections - 21 units
  • Generator Maintenance and Inspections - 90 units
  • Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring and Repairs - 86 units
Service Contract Management: Annual specialty contracts in support of operations
  • Courier Service
  • Security Services
  • Vending Machine Service
  • Office Machines Rentals and Services
  • Turf Maintenance For Buildings and Parks Common Areas - Over 500 acres for 108 sites
  • Cleaning for Facilities Buildings and Parks Restrooms - 329 weekly cycles over 75 locations
  • Landscaping Maintenance - Over 225,000 Sq./Ft. of plant bed area maintained or over 551 plant beds for 45 site locations
Accessibility Enhancement Projects: Identified projects to enhance the quality of life and provide better accessibility to our County's facilities. Facilities continually evaluates facilities for accessibility improvements.
Completed Projects
  • Ann Dever Park Sidewalks and Ramps
  • Cedar Point Environmental Park Sidewalks and Ramps
  • Chadwick Park Sidewalks and Parking Spaces
  • Chester Roberts Park Sidewalks and Parking Spaces
  • Deep Creek Park Sidewalks and Parking Spaces
  • Englewood East Park Sidewalks and full Parking Lot Improvements with Landscaping
  • GC Herring Park Sidewalks and Parking Spaces
  • Harold Avenue Park Sidewalks and Parking Lot Improvements with Landscaping
  • Higgs Park Sidewalks and Parking Spaces
  • Port Charlotte Library Accessible Ramps
  • Punta Gorda Library Sidewalks and Accessible Ramp
  • South County Regional Park Sidewalks, Parking Spaces and Spectator Observation Areas
  • Rebecca Neil Owens Meal Site Sidewalks, Parking Spaces and Accessible Ramps
  • Charlotte County Historical Courthouse Sidewalks and Accessible Ramp
  • Audubon-Pennington Park Sidewalks, Parking Spaces and Accessible Paths
  • Bissett Park Sidewalks, Ramp and Parking Lot Improvements with Landscaping
  • Chadwick Park Fishing Pier Renovations for accessible fishing
  • Deep Creek Park Sidewalk and Restroom Building Cement Apron Improvements
  • Harold Avenue Baseball Sidewalk Connection to back parking lot and restroom
  • Harold Avenue Tennis Court Sidewalk and Parking Spaces
  • Hathaway Park Restroom Apron, Sidewalk and Parking Space Improvements
  • Mid County Transfer Station Curb Ramp Installations
  • Placida Fishing Pier Accessible Path and Entrance Improvements
  • Port Charlotte Beach Sidewalk and Pavilion Improvements
  • Rebecca Neil Owens Meal Site Service Entrance Stair Improvements

 Proposed Projects

  • Grace Street Annex PG Historical Building Accessible Ramp
  • West County Annex Sidewalk Connection to Oyster Creek Park
  • Darst Boat Ramp Accessible Boat Ramp Parking Space
  • Tringali Community Center Stage Accessibility Project


Optimized-Historical Courthouse 7-25-16.jpg
The Historical Courthouse was set up to contain an auxiliary courtroom space to be used as necessary by the Justice Center. Historical Courthouse Courtroom Reservation requests for any activity in the building and premises must be in keeping with both the historical nature of the building and the gravitas of judicial proceedings. This location is not available for general use and rental, as some of our Community Services Parks & Recreation locations are.
Facilities Construction and Maintenance
Facilities Construction and Maintenance
18500 Murdock Circle
Building D
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
Phone: 941.743.1392
Fax: 941.743.1568


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