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Transport Waste Receiving Facility
It is the intention of Charlotte County Utilities, with the support of the Charlotte County Health Department, to provide transport waste haulers a disposal site that is safe for the environment and one that ultimately reduces the need to land apply septage. Land application sites are subject to groundwater level fluctuations and must be shut down during certain time periods because of elevated groundwater levels. This leaves the transport waste haulers without a disposal site until the groundwater recedes to acceptable levels. The haulers are forced to either store the waste in their trucks or transport the waste out of the county to an alternate site, paying a substantial fee for disposal. The Transport Waste Receiving Facility (TWRF) located at the East Port Water Reclamation Facility is not subject to flooding and other weather conditions and is therefore a more reliable means of transported waste disposal for haulers. ‚Äč
The TWRF was constructed to provide an environmentally safe means for the disposal and subsequent treatment of septic waste and to integrate these wastes into the treatment process safely and efficiently. The Transported Waste Receiving Program was established to better serve the community, the haulers, and the environment. This integration provides for additional reclamation of wastewater, which is used for irrigation at various golf courses, the Sports Park and miscellaneous landscaped sites within the county.
In addition to the septic waste received Charlotte County Utilities in partnership with Liquid Environmental Solutions accepts grease from restaurant traps. Through a thermal polymerization process (heat separation) the water, organic vegetable solids and contaminates are removed. The remaining product is then viable for the production of bio-diesel fuel and other beneficial products. Through these environmentally friendly technologies what was once a disposal problem is now a benefit to our customers.
For more information regarding this process go to www.liquidenviro.com.
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