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Buena Vista Exterior Dredge Project

Project Description

The Buena Vista Waterway Committee requested and received a dredging of the access and connector channels.  This was accomplished in 2016. Since, new concerns of a need to restore safe navigation have been brought to the County‚Äôs attention. At the end of 2020 a bathymetric survey was completed of the area and identified the shoaled in areas of concern. Per the requested of the MSBU waterway committee this project was initiated in the beginning of 2021. Since the last project the State and Federal Government permits that were utilized have expired and new Permits / Notice of Exemption from the agencies are required to continue with what the Committee is requesting. This project will consist of the hired consultant engineering firm applying for new permits, utilizing current bathymetry to begin planning for a maintenance dredge event, creating a set of bid ready plans and project specification, assisting in the bid process and ultimately performing construction oversight services once a dredging contract is awarded. This dredging design will include Sunrise, Elkcam, Beeney, Gardner and their connector channels. The ambition is to restore restricted depth and width of the navigable channels and provide safe navigation.

Project Location

Buena Vista waterway system, Greater Port Charlotte, Sunrise, Elkcam, Beeney, Gardner access channels and their connector canals. Exterior of the seawall canal systems.

Project Impacts

This project will improve access into the Buena Vista waterways. 

Latest Updates

Coastal Engineering has a 90% design and specification ready and has been in a holding pattern for some time now. The MSBU Advisory Board was considering making changes to the project and the process was slowed due to delays from hurricane Ian. Now that the area was impacted by the storm and conversation was had at a recent MSBU public meeting, the county intends to have a consultant contractor perform a post storm bathymetric survey of the Buena Vista exterior channels to determine the storm related impacts to the navigated channels. There have been many reports of a new shoal in the Sunrise channel between marine marks 1 and 2. County staff has made this a priority and will be the first among many water ways to get the post storm survey and will be address with a dredging project as soon after as possible. Currently a firm has been selected by a committee to perform the bathymetric survey work and the county is in negotiation with that firm for scope a fee. It is expected this work will take place this spring and will be concluded by summer allowing for the dredging phase to begin. The current dredge design will be altered to include the most critical areas and portions of the project that can be covered by the current budget. 


Phase Cost
Engineering $92,780.00
Construction $340,000.00
Total Budget $432,780.00
Funding source(s): Buena Vista Waterway MSBU


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 01/13/2021 05/13/2021 04/15/2021
Design Development 04/15/2021 06/05/2023
Construction 09/04/2023 12/22/2023
Turnover & Closeout 12/25/2023

Supporting Materials

Buena Vista Exterior Dredge Project Project Image

Project Phase
Design Development

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Project Manager
Zach Patchell

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Karlene McDonald
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Public Works

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Coastal Engineering Consultants

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