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Hayward Canal Dredge

Project Description

This Engineering project consists of surveying, permitting, and design of a maintenance dredge project for the Hayward Waterway canal system, which includes the main channel and the interior canals. This project has been initiated by request of the citizens of the Hayward Waterway MSBU. Funding for the dredging of the access channel and main canal is through WCIND grant funding. The finger channels have been removed from this scope due to MSBU funding constraints and are being planned for a future project. The purpose is to restore depth and width, providing safe navigation to and from the public boat ramp. This canal / channel system has a history of maintenance dredging of which last occurred in 2017. Dredging is projected to go out to bid late summer of 2021. 

Project Location

Hayward Waterway System, El Jobean, Hayward canal.

Project Impacts

This project will result in improved access between the El. Jobean boat ramp and the Myakka River.

Latest Updates

This project has been delayed since the hurricane due to debris in the water and the work of removing it was completed under a separate contract. Then we had to get a post dredge / post storm survey of the channel. The consultant had been short staffed and was dealing with a lot of extra work due to the storm, so the survey process and receipt of deliverables took longer than expected. Recently the Purchasing department has scheduled a meeting with the contractor Sea and Shoreline to discuss resuming the project, after their claims of losses due to delay produced by the effects of the hurricane. The survey showed that approximately 1834cy of 3070cy in the project was dredge. The storm flushed some material out of portions of the system not dredged leaving just over 1000cy worth of material. Project management from both parties have been communicating and working towards a resolve for this project. Sea & Shoreline, Charlotte County Purchasing Reps and county project management met recently and S&S agreed to look into site conditions and available upland sites and get back with us on circumstances surrounding returning to the project. Updates are expected to follow in coming week.


Phase Cost
Design $39,700.00
Construction $182,248.50
Total Budget $221,948.50
Funding source(s): Hayward Waterway MSBU, WCIND grant funding


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Design Development 01/15/2019 12/01/2021
Construction 05/23/2022 09/01/2022
Turnover & Closeout 09/02/2022 09/05/2022
Hayward Canal Dredge Project Image

Project Phase
Planning and Project Approval

Last Updated

Project Manager
DeWayne Nodine

Public Relations
Tracy Doherty
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Sponsor Department
Public Works

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