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(Manchester) Christopher, Knox, Bayharbor Canal Maintenance Dredge

Project Description

Survey, design, permit, and provide a maintenance dredge event with project certification through post dredge surveys of Christopher canal, Knox canal, and a small portion near the bridge in Bayharbor canal. This project was requested and funded by the MSBU Waterway Advisory Board. The result of this project will be restored permitted depth and width of the navigated channel

Project Location

Christopher, Knox, and Bayharbor canals within Manchester waterway system.

Project Impacts

Improved boaters access and safe navigation.

Latest Updates

The MSBU requested initiation of this project in late January. County project management planned and put together a scope of work and submitted a request letter of interest to the Purchasing department to secure the services of an engineering firm to design the project and will include construction management. Letters of interest have been received and Atkins is the engineering firm selected for design. The county and Atkins have been working through negotiations for the last month and have come to a final agreement on scope and fees for this project. This following an increase scope of work requested by the MSBU advisory board. This project will now include a section of the Manchester near the Indianapolis canal. Atkins is preparing the final draft and it will be followed with a PO to start this work. PO was issued by the county on 6-22-22. The county and consultant will begin exchanging project information to start the design work for this project.


Phase Cost
Engineering $160,850.00
Construction $480,000.00
Total Budget $640,850.00
Funding source(s): Manchester Waterway MSBU


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 01/18/2022 03/21/2022
Design Development 06/21/2022 12/19/2022 05/18/2022
Construction 04/03/2023 09/03/2024
Turnover & Closeout 03/03/2023

Project Phase
Design Development

Last Updated

Project Manager
Zach Patchell

Public Relations
Karlene McDonald
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Sponsor Department
Public Works

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