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South Gulf Cove Access Channel / Turn Basin Maintenance Dredge

Project Description

The residents have requested and received dredging of the access channel.  This was accomplished in 2015.  Since the previous dredge, concerns have been brought to the County’s attention about shoaling inside the access channel and turn basin to the SGC waterways. The SGC waterway MSBU requested and is funding this project. Johnson Engineering was the selected firm for the engineering design of this maintenance dredge project. Johnson will layout, survey, design, plan, and apply for all agency permits/exemptions. They will be conducting a construction oversight inspection as well, once the construction of the project begins. The goal is to identify the amount and limits of the shoaling within the cut channel. Then progress with the maintenance dredging to restore previously permitted dimensions of the access channel and turn basin, and to restore safe navigation once again.

Project Location

The access channel from the Charlotte Harbor to the Butterford waterway, access to the SGC community canal system. This access channel and turn basin leads vessel traffic right to and from the SGC Lock.

Project Impacts

The end result of this design will be improved access and safer navigation.

Latest Updates

Now that the design and permitting phase is complete the bid package was sent into the Purchasing Department for construction bids. The maintenance dredge project has been bid and a low bidder recommended to county admin, awaiting award. A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and held soon where a Notice to Proceed Date will be agreed upon. The dredging work is anticipated to start sometime this spring and should conclude this summer.


Phase Cost
Engineering $45,000.00
Construction $96,285.00
Total Budget $141,285.00
Funding source(s): South Gulf Cove Waterway MSBU


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 05/01/2020 09/30/2020 09/25/2020
Design Development 09/25/2020 09/27/2021 12/01/2021
Construction 03/14/2022 08/15/2022
Turnover & Closeout 08/15/2022 08/16/2022

Supporting Materials

South Gulf Cove Access Channel / Turn Basin Maintenance Dredge Project Image

Project Phase

Last Updated

Project Manager
Zach Patchell

Public Relations
Kimberly Kelley
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Project Number

Sponsor Department
Public Works

Design Engineer/Architect
Johnson Engineering

Construction Contractor
Marine Contracting Group

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