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Mobile/Manufactured Home Installation Rules
Effective Date: 3/1/2010
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New manufactured/mobile home installations shall be installed to the manufacturer’s installation manuals with new (HUD) requirements from October 20th 2008, OR USED homes without manufacture’s installation manuals with Chapter 15C-1 and 15C-2.

In some cases, Florida Rule is more stringent than HUD and Florida Rule will apply. Those are as follows:
  1. HUD allows 1500psf minimum for soil bearing, however, Florida allows for the use of pocket penetrometers and the assumption of 1000psf soil bearing.
  2. HUD allows the homes to be set 12 inches off the ground, but Florida requires 18 inches.
  3. HUD allows the use of pressure treated wood foundations and pressure treated wood piers, but Florida Rule does not approve their use.
  4. HUD allows the attachment of a frame strap to the bottom of an I-beam if the frame is designed to prevent rotation. Florida requires the attachment of frame clamps to the top of an I-beam.
  5. HUD requires longitudinal protection, but Florida specifies the number of anchors, straps, stabilizer plates, or other approved systems.
  6. HUD requires stabilizer plates, but Florida specifies 180 square inches of plate.
  7. HUD addresses only 4 foot anchors, but Florida requires 5 foot anchors in some cases.
  8. HUD specifies a minimum of 0.030 oz/ft2 coating of zinc on metal components; Florida requires 0.060 oz/ft2 coating of zinc on metal components.
  9. HUD will allow one square foot of ventilation for every 1500 square foot of home when the home is skirted and a vapor retarder is used. Florida requires one square foot of ventilation for every 300 square foot of home when the home is skirted and a vapor retarder is used.
  10. All manufactured/mobile homes to be installed in Special Flood Hazard areas are to follow the criteria established in FEMA P-85 second edition, 24CFR 3280, and 24CFR 3285.
24CFR 3285.102.d.1 - Methods & Practices. – Manufactured homes located wholly or partly within special flood hazard areas must be installed on foundations engineered to incorporate methods and practices that minimize flood damage during the base flood, in accordance with the requirements of the LAHJ, 44 CFR 60.3(a) through (e), and other provisions of 44 CFR referenced by those paragraphs.
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