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2014-10-21_16-19-24.png2014-10-21_16-19-24.pngThis view from the northwest of the original grand Hotel Punta Gorda, opened in 1887, was submitted with the Charlotte County Historical Marker application. (Peeples, 1986) 900 x 410243 KB 10/2/2017 4:36 PMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
2014-10-21_16-20-06.png2014-10-21_16-20-06.pngSitting room inside the Hotel Charlotte Harbor with floral couches, card table, and hanging portrait of a lady.800 x 514327 KB 10/2/2017 4:39 PMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
2014-10-21_16-20-27.png2014-10-21_16-20-27.pngInside lobby of the Hotel Charlotte Harbor with view of fireplace and multiple seating areas.800 x 516361 KB 10/2/2017 4:40 PMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
2014-10-21_16-20-50.png2014-10-21_16-20-50.pngAerial view of Punta Gorda800 x 576398 KB 10/2/2017 4:25 PMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
2014-10-21_16-21-08.png2014-10-21_16-21-08.pngThe cupola atop the ballroom is pictured here amid the flames that destroyed the venerable resort hotel on August 14, 1959.500 x 699396 KB 10/2/2017 4:31 PMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
BassCookie350.jpgBassCookie350.jpgThe "Cookie House" small, stove-wood construction in original location.350 x 18510 KB 11/2/2017 3:50 PMBASS BIOLOGICAL LABS
BassCookieMarker350.jpgBassCookieMarker350.jpg4 Bass family members standing outside by Bass Biological Labs/Cookie House historical marker900 x 675785 KB 11/2/2017 3:51 PMBASS BIOLOGICAL LABS
Carl_Bailey.jpgCarl_Bailey.jpgoverview Lt. Carl A. Bailey Cemetery with headstones facing west640 x 48044 KB 11/2/2017 3:54 PMCARL BAILEY
Carl_Bailey_Marker.jpgCarl_Bailey_Marker.jpgDr. martha bireda standing next to the Lt. Carl A. Bailey Cemetery historic marker480 x 64039 KB 11/2/2017 3:55 PMCARL BAILEY
Char-Harb-Cem-marker-unveiling-102108.JPGChar-Harb-Cem-marker-unveiling-102108.JPGFive adults standing by Charlotte Harbor Cemetery historic marker which is dark green with white text575 x 38330 KB 11/2/2017 4:25 PMCHARLOTTE HARBOR CEMETERY
Charlotte-Harb-Cem-marker-2008.JPGCharlotte-Harb-Cem-marker-2008.JPGClose up of the Charlotte Harbor Cemetery historic marker which is dark green with white text355 x 53328 KB 11/2/2017 4:26 PMCHARLOTTE HARBOR CEMETERY
Charlotte-Harbor-Cemetery-350.jpgCharlotte-Harbor-Cemetery-350.jpgCharlotte Harbor Cemetery entry sign, "Charlotte Harbor Cemetery Est. 1879, 941 625 3372"350 x 33419 KB 11/17/2017 3:27 PMCHARLOTTE HARBOR CEMETERY
Cookie_House_future_marker_location_3447.JPGCookie_House_future_marker_location_3447.JPGThe stove-wood construction "Cookie House" behind a black bar fence620 x 465156 KB 11/2/2017 4:29 PMCOOKIE HOUSE
courthouse350.jpgcourthouse350.jpgpostcard image of the Charlotte County Historic Courthouse, brick Neoclassical building with 6 large white columns at the entryway800 x 490177 KB 11/2/2017 4:18 PMCHARLOTTE COUNTY COURTHOUSE
courthouseMarker350.jpgcourthouseMarker350.jpgCharlotte County Courthouse dark green, historic marker with white marker text.350 x 31329 KB 11/2/2017 4:21 PMCHARLOTTE COUNTY COURTHOUSE
Courthouse-Marker-Dedication.jpgCourthouse-Marker-Dedication.jpgFour individuals unveiling the Charlotte County Courthouse historic marker320 x 24031 KB 11/2/2017 4:23 PMCHARLOTTE COUNTY COURTHOUSE
First_PG_Home_Site.jpgFirst_PG_Home_Site.jpgBlack and white photo of the First Punta Gorda home; 2-story, white, Florida vernacular construction with individuals at leisure in the front yard900 x 573183 KB 11/2/2017 4:41 PMFIRST PUNTA GORDA HOME
First_PG_Home_Site_Marker.jpgFirst_PG_Home_Site_Marker.jpgClose up of First Punta Gorda Home Site historical marker with white text on a dark green background350 x 29917 KB 11/2/2017 4:43 PMFIRST PUNTA GORDA HOME
GI-17-airfield.jpgGI-17-airfield.jpgHistoric photo of the Punta Gorda Army Airfield runway apron with WWII era planes800 x 548122 KB 11/21/2017 4:45 PMPUNTA GORDA ARMY AIRFIELD
Hick Bl Pioners marker 5.08.JPGHick Bl Pioners marker 5.08.JPGClose-up view of Hickory Bluff Pioneers historic marker533 x 399107 KB 11/17/2017 3:07 PMHICKORY BLUFF PIONEERS
hickory-bluff-cemetery.jpghickory-bluff-cemetery.jpgOverview photo of Hickory Bluff Cemetery with historic marker inside white picket fence around small cemetery grounds800 x 600266 KB 11/2/2017 4:44 PMHICKORY BLUFF CEMETERY
hickory-bluff-graves.jpghickory-bluff-graves.jpgClose up view of the three marked graves in Hickory Bluff Cemetery800 x 600312 KB 11/2/2017 4:45 PMHICKORY BLUFF CEMETERY
Hickory-Bluff-Pioneers-350.jpgHickory-Bluff-Pioneers-350.jpgBlack and white photo of the Durrance house (Mediterranean Revival style) which once stood in Charlotte Harbor800 x 600195 KB 11/17/2017 3:24 PMHICKORY BLUFF PIONEERS
Hiclory_Bluff_Cemetery.JPGHiclory_Bluff_Cemetery.JPGHistoric Marker Dedication Ceremony with four individuals  standing by the Hickory Bluff Cemetery historic marker. From left to right: Valeri Colbert, Scot Shively, Suzy Hackett, and Adam Cummings640 x 480138 KB 11/2/2017 4:54 PMHICKORY BLUFF CEMETERY
HotelPG350.jpgHotelPG350.jpgAerial view of the Hotel Punta Gorda800 x 639429 KB 11/17/2017 3:34 PMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
HotelPGMarker350.jpgHotelPGMarker350.jpg350 x 32418 KB 10/22/2014 8:31 AMHOTEL PUNTA GORDA
Howard-Solana-Plat.jpgHoward-Solana-Plat.jpgCorner view of the 2-story, gable roof Babcock House on the original Howard Family Solana plat800 x 600257 KB 11/20/2017 1:44 PMSOLONA PLAT
Howard-Solana-Plat-Marker.jpgHoward-Solana-Plat-Marker.jpgHoward Homestead/Solana Plat Historical Marker on Howard Street800 x 600268 KB 11/20/2017 1:46 PMSOLONA PLAT
Indian_Spring_Cemetery.jpgIndian_Spring_Cemetery.jpgOverview of Indian Spring Cemetery with headstones800 x 600270 KB 11/20/2017 11:33 AMINDIAN SPRINGS CEMETERY
Indian-Spring-Cemetery-Marker.JPGIndian-Spring-Cemetery-Marker.JPGIndian Spring Cemetery Historical Marker in situ600 x 900310 KB 11/20/2017 11:32 AMINDIAN SPRINGS CEMETERY
MCall-Poster.jpgMCall-Poster.jpgCollage with historic map of McCall on left, CH&N railroad poster center, and 3 paintings by Patti Middleton of historic McCall buildings on right800 x 533267 KB 11/20/2017 1:51 PMTOWN OF MCCALL
McCall-Dedication-Mullets.jpgMcCall-Dedication-Mullets.jpgFred Beck, Eunice Albritton, Diana Harris, and Nita Cole stand outside in front of a large, dark green historic marker for the "Town of McCall" with white  text.800 x 597177 KB 6/19/2017 2:12 PMTOWN OF MCCALL
Myakka- Piver- Civil- War-Skirmish-historical-marker.JPGMyakka- Piver- Civil- War-Skirmish-historical-marker.JPGClose-up of the Myakka River Civila War Skirmish Historical Marker in Randy Spence Park600 x 800304 KB 11/20/2017 11:37 AMMYAKKA RIVER CIVIL WAR SKIRMISH
Myakka-Civil-War-1.jpgMyakka-Civil-War-1.jpgSponsors Jill and Scott Shively in period costume standing next to the Myakka Rover Civil War Skirmish Historical Marker800 x 600269 KB 11/20/2017 11:40 AMMYAKKA RIVER CIVIL WAR SKIRMISH
PG_Bank_350.jpgPG_Bank_350.jpgHistoric photo of Punta Gorda Bank in 1899800 x 554138 KB 11/20/2017 12:39 PMPUNTA GORDA BANK
Placida-Bunk-House.jpgPlacida-Bunk-House.jpgPlacida Bunk House, a Florida-vernacular wooden building, before full stabilization800 x 600189 KB 11/20/2017 11:53 AMPLACIDA BUNKHOUSE
Placida-Bunk-House-Marker.jpgPlacida-Bunk-House-Marker.jpgClose-up view of the Placida Bunk House Historical Marker350 x 30417 KB 11/20/2017 11:55 AMPLACIDA BUNKHOUSE
Placida-Trestle.JPGPlacida-Trestle.JPGcenter of trestle bridge surrounded by pilings in the water800 x 600165 KB 1/4/2019 8:43 AMPLACIDA TRESTLE
Placida-Trestle-center.JPGPlacida-Trestle-center.JPGCentered image of the Placida trestle bridge surrounded by pilings in the water800 x 600166 KB 1/4/2019 8:43 AMPLACIDA TRESTLE
Placida-Trestle-early-1900s.pngPlacida-Trestle-early-1900s.pngBlack and white photo of the Placida trestle bridge over the water739 x 515526 KB 1/4/2019 8:43 AMPLACIDA TRESTLE
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