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Abandoned Vessels
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Sunk Houseboat Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners approved an amendment in 2007, which was revised in 2015, Amendment 3-9-72.1 to the Charlotte County Administrative Code concerning the discovery and disposition of vessels that are abandoned, derelict or a hazard to navigation. This code change allowed the County to remove abandoned vessels under Florida Statute 705.103(2)(b). 
Definitions                                           A derelict vessel (DV) is any vessel that is left, Notice Sticker
stored, or abandoned upon or under the waters of the State in a wrecked, junked, or substantially
dismantled condition. F.S. 823.11(1)
An abandoned property (vessel) is any tangible
property (vessel) that does not have an identifiable
owner and that has been disposed of on public
property in a wrecked, inoperative or partially
dismantled condition or has no apparent intrinsic
value to the rightful owner. F.S. 705.101(3)

To Report an Abandoned Vessel 

Vessel Removal
Check the Current List of Known Vessels. If it is reported here, call the Charlotte County Natural Resources Office at 941.833.3823
If not on the list, call the FWCC Hotline at 888.404.FWCC (3922) and the Charlotte County Natural Resources Office at 941.833.3823 to report it. This will get the process started.

You may want to call your local Sheriff’s Office as well at 941.639.2101. Please tell them that you have reported it to FWCC.   

Planning on Selling Your Vessel

Protect yourself, State Law requires the seller to notify Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) about the transaction. The Law requires that you notify DHSMV within 30 days of the sale. Don’t rely on the new owner.  

Vessel Owner/Operator’s Responsibilities

Vessel Registration: All vessels used on the waters of the state must be registered.  F.S. 328.48(2)  A Vessel must be in good working order, capable of moving and navigating under its own power (motor or wind) 
Boating Safety Equipment: The owner and operator of every vessel on the waters of this state shall carry, store, maintain and use safety equipment in accordance with the current USCG requirements. F.S. 327.50(1)(a)
Marine Sanitation: Every vessel 26 feet or more with enclose cabin, or houseboat, or floating structure with enclosed living space shall install and maintain a toilet with storage capability as to prohibit discharge of raw sewage into the waters of the state. F.S. 327.53(1)(2)(3)(4)
Litter Law: Dumping litter (whether accidental or intentional) is prohibited. F.S. 403.413(4)(b)(6) 
Mooring: All vessels are to be moored in a way as to maintain the submerged lands in its natural condition. F.S. 253.037(1)  A mooring light is required in accordance with the current USCG.


The abandoned vessels project is supported by:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Department of Law Enforcement
For additional information, contact Charlotte County Natural Resources Division at 941.613.3220 or NaturalResources@CharlotteCountyFL.gov.
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