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Charlotte County Scrub-Jay Habitat Conservation Plan
Natural Resources > Protected Species > Charlotte County Scrub-Jay Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)
Scrub-JayIn December 2014, Charlotte County was issued an Incidental Take Permit (ITP) and associated Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to address impacts to the state and federally protected Florida scrub-jay. The HCP was developed as an effort to reduce and streamline the regulatory burden and to provide regulatory certainty to land owners in Charlotte County.
The HCP defines a reserve network to help ensure the long term survival of the Florida scrub-jay and to establish a development fee system in order to implement the Plan for the 30 year duration of the ITP.
HCP Permitting
Scrub-JayTo determine if your property is subject to the conditions of the HCP the County has established a scrub-jay property search or you can search via the County’s GIS map. The HCP Plan Area as depicted on the map and the property search will remain static for the 30 year duration of the ITP/HCP.

Properties that are located within the Plan Area have 2 options, as the County’s HCP is not mandatory:
  1. Comply with the conditions of the HCP or
  2. Request an individual review from USFWS.
HCP Compliance
Scrub-JayProperties that are located within the Plan Area that choose to utilize the County HCP must:
  1. Fill out the Scrub-Jay (HCP) Application
  2. Pay the HCP Development Fee
  3. Acknowledge that NO vegetation clearing is permitted during scrub-jay nesting season March 1 – June 30th
    • IF the parcel is cleared prior to March 1st construction may occur during nesting season
    • IF you need to clear during nesting season and no other listed species are documented on site, a nesting survey must be conducted by an environmental consultant. A complete nesting survey following county protocol must be submitted to the Parks and Natural Resources Department for review and approval. 
  4. Comply with the minimization requirements for additional covered species as outlined in the HCP.
  5. If the parcel is over 3 acres the HCP Minimization Criteria will apply in addition to the HCP Development Fee.
HCP Development Fee
For the ITP to be issued, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) requires that funding assurances are provided to fulfill the obligations outlined in the HCP. The HCP Development Fee provides long-term funding for Land Acquisition, Habitat Assessment Planning & Restoration, Habitat Management, Monitoring & Adaptive Management, Changes Circumstances and Plan Administration.

The current fee schedule is a tier system based on the total acreage of the parcel as it was originally platted. Total acreage of consolidated parcels do not apply and will be charged based on the original plat acreage. In February 2016, the County submitted a request to modify the HCP to revise the fee schedule to a density based system that would be based upon the entire allotted density of the parcel per current zoning regulations; FWS is currently reviewing this modification request. 
For additional information, contact Charlotte County Natural Resources Division at 941.613.3220 or CommunityServices@CharlotteCountyFL.gov.
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