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Garbage & Recycling Cart Info
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How and where do I place my Garbage & Recycling Carts?
The wheels of the carts must face your home. Always leave 5 feet between your carts. Place your carts at least 5 feet away from mailboxes, parked cars or other obstacles. Residents should place all garbage in plastic bags prior to putting it in the cart but never bag your recyclables. 

Maintenance/Replacement of Carts

Each Charlotte County resident is responsible for routine maintenance such as keeping the carts clean, removing the carts from the street or lane after collection and storing the carts in a safe place just as they would do with their own garbage cans. Any issues with cart maintenance should be referred to Waste Management at 941.629.1106 or 941.697.0012 from Englewood.

Damaged Carts 

​Waste Management is our County’s franchise hauler and should be called regarding damaged carts. Please call Waste Management at 941.629.1106 or 941.697.0012 from Englewood.

Missing/Stolen Carts

Waste Management will replace the Cart once at no cost to the resident, subsequent carts will be replaced for the cost of the cart.

For information on all automated garbage related issues including carts, garbage collection, recycling and yard trimmings collections call Waste Management at 941.629.1106 or 877.567.2974 from Englewood.












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