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The Signing & Marking Division maintains approximately eighty five thousand traffic control signs throughout Charlotte County on County maintained roadways which include Stop, Yield, Do Not Enter, street name, One-Way, No Parking, etc. New signs are manufactured in the Signing & Marking Division Sign Shop or ordered though vendors. Sign Technicians then install them at new locations or in replacement of faded or damaged signs which are then recycled.
The Signing & Marking Division does not maintain signs on Florida Department of Transportation roadways in Charlotte County which includes US41, SR776 (S MCCall Rd), SR31, US17 or I-75. We do not maintain signs on private roadways, driveways or parking lots which come out from businesses onto County roads or dedicated but not accepted roadways. These are maintained by the property owners. The number one reason for sign damage in Charlotte County is vehicle accidents, the second is vandalism.
The Signing & Marking Division incorporates the use of an asset inventory system to keep track of the location of every sign in the county as well as track costs, inspections, and maintenance of every sign. This helps with preventative maintenance schedules as well as highlights problem areas where signs are being damaged too often and solutions can be found to prevent the signs from being damaged.  
The Signing & Marking Division also installs special signage on an as needed basis. Examples of this signage are shelter signs, road under water signs for roadways that are impacted by water or even road closures due to flooding or other emergency situations. 
The Signing & Marking Division also installs driver feedback signage. These are solar powered units that let motorists know the speed they are traveling. These signs give feedback to the driver letting them know if they are operating their vehicles over the speed limit. These units also collect data about the vehicles that travel by such as the amount of vehicles, the speed of the vehicles, time a vehicle passed by, the classification of the vehicle (example passenger car, truck, bus, semi, etc.). All this information is used by the Transportation Engineer to set speed limits, ask the Sheriff’s Office for enforcement or other traffic calming solutions.
The Signing & Marking Division also applies herbicides to the County right of ways around signs, road crossing pipes, guardrails etc. to help prevent mower damage, help with drainage and to help keep the line of sight for motorists safe.
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