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Beaches And Shores Advisory Committee

This committee was established in August 1988 by the Board of County Commissioners and consists of five district appointments and two members at large.

Rules & Procedures

​​​​Meeting Schedule

The Beaches and Shores Advisory Committee (BSAC) meets the first Thursday of every month at the Murdock Administration Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, Building, B, Room #106, Port Charlotte at 9 a.m.

Roles and Responsibilities

The functions, powers and duties of the Beaches and Shores Advisory Committee (BSAC) are as follows:
  • To encourage and develop public and governmental awareness of the need for preservation of the beaches and shores of Charlotte County
  • To coordinate and promote public and private efforts to restore and preserve Charlotte County’s beaches and shores.
  • To aid in informing the public and governmental authorities about the environmental, economic, and social impact and importance of the Charlotte County’s beaches and shores
  • To work in unison with other local, state and federal representatives of government, public, and private interests toward the goal of preserving and restoring the beaches and shores of Charlotte County.
  • To cooperate with other entities and to recommend to the Board the entry by the county into cooperative agreements and otherwise cooperate with and meet the requirements and conditions of federal, state, and other local governments and political entities, or any of their agents or representatives for the purpose of improving and advancing Charlotte County’s beach and shore preservation program.


Heather Bennett - Staff Liaison, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 941.764.4909


  • Robert Wibbeler - District I
  • Don McCormick -  District II
  • Ralph Lombardo - District III
  • Stas Matias, Chair   - District IV
  • Wendy Lang, Vice- Chair - District V
  • Vacant - Member-at-Large
  • Hank Killion, Member-at-Large

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