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Charlotte County Committee Vacancies

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (July 28, 2021) – The Historical Advisory Committee is seeking two volunteers who must be permanent residents of Charlotte County who are interested in preserving the history of Charlotte County. The position calls for these members to serve from different Charlotte County historical organizations. The terms are three years and will be staggered in order to be in compliance with Ord. No. 2004-045, Sec. 1-11-69. The HAC’s functions, powers and duties include:

To evaluate and make recommendations about where historical markers should be established;

  • To review development and construction projects of historical significance;
  • To provide input on potential historic districts;
  • To provide input on historical programs and outreach efforts;
  • To make recommendations on establishing an archives/collection program;
  • To raise funds to preserve historical structures and amenities;
  • To provide recommendations to the board on issues relating to those duties specified above or other duties assigned by the board;
  • To review and provide input on the capital improvement budget.

For more information, please contact

The Agricultural and Natural Resources Advisory Committeeis seeking one voluntary member who must be a resident or owner of real property in Charlotte County and broadly represents the interests of agricultural land ownership and use, agricultural commodity finance and production, agricultural processing, agricultural economics and marketing, agricultural engineering and water management, soils use and fertility, wildlife management, geology and mine engineering, and environmental conservation. This volunteer must be engaged in commodity production. The term is effective immediately upon approval and will expire on December 31, 2024. If you are interested in an application and information, please contact



If you require special assistance or accommodation, please include this information with your resume.


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