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Commercial Communication Tower

Construction of a new communication tower OR installation or changeout of any attachment to that tower.

Required Forms & Documents

  • Application for Construction Permit (1 original signed): 1-page form
  • Affidavit - No Public Utility Structures On-Site (1 original): 1-page form notarized
  • Site Plan (2 copies or sets)
  • Drawings/Plans/Engineering Documents (2 sets): Engineered drawings signed & sealed. Must be wet seal if applying for a permit through our office. Digitally signed & sealed engineered plans for contractors using our online portal.
  • Subcontractor Worksheet (1 original or copy): Submit if contractor is hiring subcontractors to perform any electric, mechanical, plumbing or roofing.
  • Notice of Commencement (1 copy recorded): Any improvement for which the direct contract price is greater than $5,000. Must be submitted before scheduling the first inspection.


At Time of Application
  • Building Flat Fee: $90
  • Surcharge: $4
At Time of Issuance
  • Address Assignment Fee: $15 (if an address needs to be assigned)
  • Zoning Review Fee: $22 (if existing tower)
  • Zoning Review Fee: $65 (if new tower)

Note: Payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Payments are also accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

Licenses That Can Obtain This Permit Type

  • Owner-Builder: Not more than $75,000 in cost. Must not rent or sell the property within one (1) year of completion of the permit.
  • Certified Building
  • Registered General

Department Reviews

  • Addressing: Verify that a property has an address and, if it does not, one is created (note: there is a fee of $15 to create a new address).
  • Building: A review of the proposed work to ensure that the structure will be in compliance with the applicable structural requirements of the Florida Building Code. This also includes wind loads and flood loads.
  • Fire (if applicable): Ensure that the proposed structure or component will comply with the National Fire Prevention Code (NFPA).
  • Right-of-Way: A review the proposed work for impacts to the county right-of-way (ROW) and/or easements and determine what, if any, inspections will be required.
  • Zoning: A review the proposed work for compliance with the land development regulations. This includes zoning, setbacks and any other regulations pertaining to the location and type of structure.

Typical Inspections

Inspection Type (IVR System Code):
  • Building Final (925): Made after all work is complete. Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, driveway and tree final inspections may be made prior to the building final inspection.
  • Electric Final (935): Made once power is connected to the building, all electrical work has been completed and all electrical trim is installed.
  • Landscaping (962)
  • Zoning Final (965)

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