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Commercial Generator

Install a new or replace an existing generator.

Required Forms & Documents

  • Application for Construction Permit (2-page form) 1 original signed. Specify fuel type (propane, gas, diesel).
  • Notice of Commencement (1 copy recorded): Any improvement for which the direct contract price is greater than $5,000. Must be submitted prior to scheduling the first inspection.
  • Site plan showing the location and size of the generator, location and size of the LP tank (if applicable)
  • Load calculations and electrical diagram including all service equipment (meter, main disconnect, distribution panels, transfer switch) Generator specs including generator rating and output breaker. Conductor sizes from generator to transfer switch.
  • Anchoring details.
  • Generator stand Information Manufacturer’s specs (if applicable).
  • Subcontractor Worksheet (1 original or copy): Submit if contractor is hiring a subcontractor to perform any electric, mechanical, plumbing or roofing.
  • 50 Percent Improvement or Damage Review Application (1 original): If property is in a flood hazard zone, a copy of an Elevation Certificate proving the structure is above the flood hazard elevation must be provided. Otherwise, this 50 Percent Review Form must be completed & submitted.
  • Elevation Affidavit.
  • Owner-Builder Permits Information: Please read this information about what & who may qualify for an Owner-Builder permit. An Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement form must be completed. Someone cannot obtain an owner-builder permit for a mobile home on leased park land. The mobile home owner must also own the land to qualify.
  • Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement (1 original, personally signed at the permit counter): Eligible Owner-Builders must complete this form in person at the time of application. Required by Florida law in order to be exempt from having to be a licensed contractor (sale or lease of the property is prohibited for 1 year from permit completion).


At Time of Application

  • Building Flat Fee: $94
At Time of Issuance
  • Surcharge: $5 if Valuation is less than $50,000. If Valuation is $50,000 or more, the Surcharge = 0.025 x Building Fee
  • Building: 0.004 x ICC Valuation if more than or equal to $50,000 in valuation - less the Pre-Application Fee

Note: Payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Payments are also accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

License Necessary to Obtain this Permit Type

  • Certified Master Electrician
  • Registered Master Electrician
  • Certified Master Plumber
  • Registered Master Plumber
  • Certified Building
  • Certified General
  • Registered Building
  • Registered General

Department Reviews

  • Intake/Sufficiency: A review of the application & its required documents to verify completeness for acceptance and payment of initial fees.
  • 50 Percent: Review of improvements proposed to be made to a building located in a Flood Zone so that a comparison can be made between the cost of new & past cumulative work to the market value of the building. If the cost of cumulative improvements or damage repair exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the building, the building must be brought up to current floodplain management standards.
  • Electrical: Ensure that the proposed structure or component will comply with the electrical provisions of the National Electrical Code (NEC).
  • Fire: Ensure that the proposed structure or component will comply with the National Fire Prevention Code (NFPA).
  • Plumbing: Ensure that the proposed structure or component will comply with the plumbing and gas provisions of the Florida Building Code.
  • Zoning: A review the proposed work for compliance with the land development regulations. This includes zoning, setbacks and any other regulations pertaining to the location and type of structure.
  • Permit Issuance: At this point, work may commence. The applicant will receive an approved copy of the permit package and a Permit-Inspections Job Card to be posted at the site printed with a list of the required inspections needed to complete the permit.

Typical Inspections

Inspection Type (IVR System Code):

  • Generator Electric Underground: Made after all underground electrical is installed but prior to covering under dirt or slabs.
  • Generator Electric Final (248): Made once power is connected to the building, all electrical work has been completed and all electrical trim is installed.
  • Gas Underground (377): Made after all underground piping is installed and pressure test is applied and prior to covering of piping under slabs.
  • Gas Final (379): Made after all gas plumbing work has been completed.
  • LP Tank (376). Made to verify LP tank installation when applicable.
  • Fire Inspection (937).

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