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Commercial Temporary Use

Permit to hold a special event temporary use (e.g. carnival, fair, tent sale, etc.) on commercially zoned property. See Sec. 3-9-87 of the Zoning Code.

Required Forms & Documents

  • Temporary Use Permit Application (1 original signed)
  • Site Plan (2 copies or sets)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (1 copy)
  • Contract for Restrooms & Trash Disposal (1 copy)
  • Letter of Credit (1 copy): Type 2 & 3 Events Only


At Time of Application
  • Pre-App Fee: No Charge (Type 1 - Small)
  • Pre-App Fee: $300 (Type 2 - Midsized)
  • Pre-App Fee: $1,000 (Type 3 - Large)

Note: Payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Payments are also accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

Department Reviews

  • EMS: Verification of Emergency Medical Services access & provision.
  • Fire (if applicable): Ensure that the proposed structure or component will comply with the National Fire Prevention Code (NFPA).
  • Public Works: Undefined
  • Sheriff: Undefined
  • Zoning: A review the proposed work for compliance with the land development regulations. This includes zoning, setbacks and any other regulations pertaining to the location and type of structure.

Typical Inspections/Certifications/As Builts

Inspection Type (IVR System Code):
  • Zoning Final (965)

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