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Residential Pool or Spa

Construction of a pool & its associated equipment at a residential location. Also includes spas, swim spas as well as above-ground pools 24" or greater in depth.

Required Forms & Documents

  • Application for Residential Pool/Spa Permit (1 original & 1 copy): 1-page form
  • No Tree Removal Affidavit for Improvements (1 original & 1 copy): This affidavit is to be used to certify that the property does not require the removal of any trees, 4 caliper inch or greater and/or not installed for tree points.
  • Tree Permit Application (1 original & 1 copy): The tree permit application form must accompany the permit application if trees are being removed and/or lot clearing is necessary.
  • Notice of Commencement (1 copy recorded): Any improvement for which the direct contract price is greater than $2,500. Must be submitted prior to scheduling the first inspection.
  • Site Plan (2 copies or sets): Site plan to clearly show all the dimensions of the pool deck. setbacks shall be shown with dimensions.
  • Drawings/Plans/Engineering (2 copies or sets): Site specific drawings
  • Installation Instructions from Manufacturer for Above Ground Pools (2 copies or sets) Above ground greater than 24" in depth requires submittal of manufacturer's installation instructions for the pool and the ladder showing that the ladder or steps are capable of being secured, locked or removed to prevent access R4501.17.1.10.
  • Pool Ladder or Steps Documentation for Above Ground Pools (2 copies or sets): Documentation that the ladder or steps are capable of being secured, locked or removed to prevent access R450. through R4501.17.1.10.
  • Barrier Documentation for Above Ground Pools (2 copies or sets): Above ground pools greater than 24" but less than 48" requires submittal of barrier documentation conforming to R4501.17.1.1 through R4501.17.1.10
  • Subcontractor Worksheet (1 original or copy): Form must be submitted prior to permit issuance if contractor is hiring subcontractors to perform any electric, mechanical, plumbing or roofing.
  • Affidavit - Residential Pool Safety Act (1 original & 1 copy, signed by both contractor & owner): Document alerts the owner/contractor of their responsibilities during & after construction. Must be signed by both the owner and contractor. Signed document must be submitted at time of application.
  • Affidavit of Applicant for Accessory Structures (1 original notarized): This affidavit is to be used only if a copy of the property survey is not available
  • Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement (1 original, personally signed at the permit counter): Eligible Owner-Builders must complete this form in person at the time of application. Required by Florida law in order to be exempt from having to be a licensed contractor (sale or lease of the property is prohibited for 1 year from permit completion).
  • Owner-Builder Permits Information: Please read this information about what & who may qualify for an Owner-Builder permit. An Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement form must be completed.


On Application
  • Building Flat Fee: $200
  • Surcharge: $5 if Valuation is less than $50,000. If Valuation is $50,000 or more, the Surcharge = 0.025 x Building Fee
Before Final Inspection
  • Zoning Review: $22
  • Right-Of-Way Review: $90

Licenses Authorized For This Permit Type

  • Owner-Builder: Shall not lease, rent or sell the property for one (1) year from permit completion.
  • Certified General: Must subcontract all aspects.
  • Certified Swimming Pool Class A
  • Certified Swimming Pool Class B
  • Registered General: Must subcontract all aspects
  • Registered Swimming Pool Class A
  • Registered Swimming pool Class B

Review Disciplines

  • Intake/Sufficiency: An "at the counter" intake/sufficiency review of the application & its required documents to verify completeness for acceptance and payment of initial fees.
  • Right-of-Way: A review the proposed work for impacts to the county right-of-way (ROW) and/or easements and determine what, if any, inspections will be required.
  • Zoning: A review the proposed work for compliance with the land development regulations. This includes zoning, setbacks and any other regulations pertaining to the location and type of structure.
  • Building Plans Examiner: A review of the proposed work to ensure that the structure will be in compliance with the applicable structural requirements of the Florida Building Code. This also includes wind loads and flood loads.

Typical Inspections/Certifications/As Builts

Inspection Type (IVR System Code):
  • Footer (230): Required when separate concrete footings are poured. The inspection should be made after the trenches have been dug and reinforceing steel is in place and made prior to actually pouring the concrete.
  • Pool Deck (213)
  • Pool Final (930)
  • Pool Safety and Electric (929)
  • Pool Steel (214)

Note: Fee payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Payments are also accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

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