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Residential Stucco

The addition of new, or replacement of existing stucco at an existing residential structure. General maintenance does not require a permit. If in doubt, please contact us before performing work.

Required Forms/Documents - Application Submittal

  • Application for Siding, Soffit and Stucco Permit. Submit one (1) signed original. Note: form not required for onloie submittals.
  • Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement. Submit one (1) original, personally signed by the owner at the permit counter at time of application submittal. Required by Florida law in order to be exempt from having to be a licensed contractor. Lease, rental or sale of the property is prohibited for one (1) year from permit completion.

Required Forms - Prior to First Inspection

  • Notice of Commencement (NOC). Submit or upload one (1) recorded copy. Form required when any improvement for which the direct contract price is greater than $2500. Must be submitted prior to scheduling the first inspection.

Other Information


Payments are accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards. Except for online permits, payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners.

  • Due At Application Submittal/Permit Issuance
    • Building: $90
    • Surcharge: $4

Licenses Authorized For This Permit Type

  • Owner-Builder (shall not lease, rent or sell the property for one (1) year from permit completion).
  • Certified Building
  • Certified Residential
  • Local Concrete Masonry
  • Local Plaster StuccoRegistered Residential
  • Registered Residential

Review Disciplines

  • Permit Issuance. Work may now commence. The applicant will receive a Permit-Inspections Job Card (online permits will be printed by the applicant) to be kept at the work site. The required inspections needed to complete the permit are printed on the card.

Typical Inspections

  • In-Progress Stucco/Lath Inspection (IVR Code 520). Will be conducted when lath is 100% complete including any architectural features and no more than 50% of the 1st coat of stucco has been applied. The lath inspection will verify compliance with the FBC 7th Edition (2020) and ASTM-C1063. Water resistive barriers will be inspected in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

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