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Right of Way Permit

Permits are required for any work performed in county rights-of-way (ROW) and easements, or the use of same for access, including but not limited to: 1. Driveway installations, reinstallations or resurfacing; 2. Culvert pipe installations; 3. Utility installations; 4. Sod and landscaping installations; 5. Material storage; 6. Sprinkler installations; 7. Pool installations; 8. Relocation of buildings or heavy machinery 9. Pavement construction or repair; 10. Other items to be constructed that may involve crossing a ROW or easement. The purpose of a “ROW permit” is to ensure that there is no damage made to a ROW or easement and that proper drainage is provided. Select the link for the Right-of-Way & Easement Use Ordinance 2021-009  or the Engineering Design & Construction Standards.

Required Forms & Documents


At Issuance
  • Right-Of-Way Review: $90 (if only ROW final inspection needed)
  • Right-Of-Way Review: $180 (includes both pipe inspection & ROW final inspection)
  • Right-Of-Way Review: $310 (includes line & grade, pipe inspection & ROW final inspection)
  • Right-Of-Way Review: $55 (for each additional driveway that is part of same permit)

Licenses That Can Pull This Permit Type

  • Owner-Builder: Not more than $75,000 in cost. Must not rent or sell the property within one (1) year of completion of the permit.
  • Certified Building
  • Certified General
  • Certified Residential: If on residential lot
  • Certified Underground Utilities
  • Registered Building
  • Registered General
  • Registered Residential: If on residential lot
  • Registered Underground Utility
  • Local Concrete Place and Finish
  • Local Concrete Masonry
  • Local Grade Fill and Clear

Review Disciplines

  • Intake/Sufficiency: A review of the application & its required documents to verify completeness for acceptance and payment of initial fees.
  • Quality Review: This step is an internal process check to ensure that all reviews have been completed and that permit fees have been correctly assessed. When the permit enters this stage, an email is sent to the applicant to let them know that the permit is ready for pickup.
  • Permit Issuance: At this point, work may commence. The applicant will receive an approved copy of the permit package and a Permit-Inspections Job Card to be posted at the site printed with a list of the required inspections needed to complete the permit.

Typical Inspections/Certifications/As Builts

Inspection Type (IVR System Code):
  • ROW Final (985)
  • ROW Line and Grade (810)
  • ROW Pipe (814)

Note: Fee payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Payments are also accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

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