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Ackerman Wastewater Expansion

Project Description

The Ackerman MSBU was approved in November 2019. This project includes construction of a wastewater collection system to service approximately 1,300 properties with sewer service, new water service lines and a vacuum station that will provide sewer collection for the wastewater system. 

Project Updates
  • Construction has started on the water line replacement in zone 1 and vacuum station.
  • The BCC approved the contract for the Vacuum Station and Zones 1 and 2. Contractor: Guymann Construction of Florida, Inc. 
  • Unity of Title and Deferral forms due by Jan. 3, 2020.

Capital Projects Office
Phone: 941.764.4305

Project Location

Throughout the Ackerman Avenue neighborhood. 

Construction materials are being stored at the corner of Ohara Drive and Midway Boulevard.

Project Impacts

Crews are encountering large amounts rock during excavation which has resulted in an unplanned rock crushing operation at the construction yard. 

Latest Updates

Guymann Construction was awarded the contract for the vacuum station and zones 1 and 2. Construction has started. 

Crews are currently working on the water main replacement at Hottelet Circle and Ackerman Avenue and the vacuum station located at 18330 Ackerman Avenue. 


Phase Cost
Total Budget $26,948,870.00
Funding source(s):

Resident Assessments, Florida Department of Environmental Protection State Revolving Funds, EPA Grants, RESTORE, Utility Repair and Replacement Funds.


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 11/19/2019 12/01/2020
Design Development 01/21/2021
Construction 04/05/2021

Supporting Materials

Project Phase

Last Updated

Project Manager
Mike Martindell

Public Relations
Caroline Wannall
Email Public Relations

Sponsor Department

Design Engineer/Architect
Giffels-Webster Engineers

Construction Contractor
Guymann Construction of Florida, Inc.

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