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Ainger Creek Boat Ramp Replacement

Project Description

Evaluate the site improving traffic flow and maximizing parking. Determine the best location for possible construction of a permanent restroom facility.  Evaluate the current ramp to minimize buffering time for loading and unloading vessels.

Project Location

2011 Placida Road, Englewood

Project Impacts

Engineers current opinion of probable hard cost for construction: $1,307,658.00


Phase Cost
Design $176,590.00
Construction $442,270.00
Funding source(s):

Boating Improvement Funds

Possible West Coast Inland Navigation Grant  - 2022

Possible Florida Boating Improvement Program Grant - FWC - 2022

Project Phase
Planning and Project Approval

Last Updated

Project Manager
Justin Dunn

Public Relations
Brian Gleason
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Sponsor Department
Community Services

Design Engineer/Architect
Coastal Engineering Consultant

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