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Cape Haze Drive Reclaimed Water and Wastewater Force Main

Project Description

This project involves upsizing the existing 6" sewer lines to 12" on Cape Haze Drive and adding new 16" reclaimed water lines for future customers. 

Project Location

Cape Haze Drive between Kendall Road and Arlington Drive

Latest Updates

Crews are completing final restoration within the project limits.


Phase Cost
Construction $2,093,959.35
Total Budget $2,093,959.35
Funding source(s): Utilities' Capital Improvement Funds


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Construction 05/01/2020 08/01/2021 07/28/2021

Project Phase
Project Complete

Last Updated

Project Manager
Dean Campbell

Public Relations
Caroline Wannall
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Sponsor Department

Construction Contractor
Southwest Utility Systems, Inc.

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