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Cochran Boulevard Reclaim Extension

Project Description

Construction of reclaimed water mains along the right-of-way of Cochran Boulevard from Quesada Avenue to Peachland Boulevard. The project will install of approximately 3,010 linear feet of 6-inch and 2,850 linear feet of 8-inch reclaimed water distribution main, connection to the existing main, installation of service lines, change-over from potable water to reclaimed water on existing irrigation lines and plugging of abandoned potable water service taps. 

Project Location

Cochran Boulevard from Quesada Avenue to Peachland Boulevard.

Project Impacts

The contractor is waiting on licensing requirements due to a name change. Construction can not start until the licensing is complete.

Design updates are needed along the project. This has extended the project completion timeframe. 

Latest Updates

The contractor is temporarily storing project materials at the Quesada Avenue Lift Station. 


Phase Cost
Construction $1,345,650.76
Total Budget $1,345,650.76
Funding source(s):  Wastewater Connection Fee Fund


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Construction 11/18/2022 09/30/2023
Cochran Boulevard Reclaim Extension Project Image

Project Phase

Last Updated

Project Manager
Hendrik Dolleman

Public Relations
Caroline Wannall
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Sponsor Department

Construction Contractor
Shipps Excavating Inc.

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