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Deep Creek Sewer Force Main

Project Description

This project involves removing and replacing the sewer force mains within the road right of ways and utility easements. The project starts at the East Port Reclamation Facility, across I-75, and through the Deep Creek neighborhood ending at the Angol Street lift station. These new sewer force mains will increase transmission capacity for the Deep Creek neighborhood. Road construction, which includes road cuts, will occur at Rampart Boulevard, Deep Creek Boulevard, Rio de Janeiro Avenue, and other cross streets for the project. We also will be making pumping improvements at several sewer lift stations along the same corridor.

Project Location

Throughout the Deep Creek neighborhood starting at Rampart Boulevard to Rio de Janeiro Avenue along the east side of the roadway and ending at the Angol Street lift station. 

Latest Updates

Construction will start at the East Port Water Reclamation Facility and will move east. Construction materials are being stored at the corner of Sandhill Boulevard and Rio de Janeiro Avenue. 


Phase Cost
Construction $3,659,157.17
Total Budget $3,659,157.17
Funding source(s): Renewal and Replacement Fund and State Revolving Fund (SRF) 


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Construction 08/12/2020 03/01/2022

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Project Phase

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Project Manager
Dean Campbell

Public Relations
Caroline Wannall
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Construction Contractor
Cobb Site Development Inc.

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