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Family Services Center - Phase 2

Project Description

Phase 2 of the Family Services Center allows for the full realization of an integrated services model and the co-location of government health & human services at the Gibralter Drive location. The purpose of the completed projects (Phase 1 and 2) are programming coordinated, streamlined, and effficient services that are responsive to client and community needs. The goals of this collaborative effort are to provide residents with timely access to an array of health, education, employment, and human services through an integrated service delivery model as well as space to meet with groups, neighbors, and friends. The completed project (Phase 1 and 2) will provide stability and support community engagement.

Project Location

21500 Gibralter Dr, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Latest Updates

Construction documents are complete and the project is currently in the bidding and permitting phase. The Construction Manager is working to prepare the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to be presented to the Board of County Commissioners this fall. 


Phase Cost
Design $860,000
Construction $10,040,000
Total Budget $10,900,000
Funding source(s):

Design - 2014 Sales Tax Extension

Construction - 2020 Sales Tax Extension


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 02/01/2021 06/29/2021 06/29/2021
Design Development 10/18/2021 08/17/2022 07/22/2022
Construction 01/09/2023 03/08/2024

Supporting Materials

Family Services Center - Phase 2 Project Image

Project Phase
Design Development

Last Updated

Project Manager
Jenny Buccieri

Public Relations
Brian Gleason
Email Public Relations

Project Number

Sponsor Department
Human Services

Design Engineer/Architect
Fawley Bryant

Construction Contractor
Tandem Construction

Sales Tax Project

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