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Gulf Cove Interior Canal design and maintenance dredge project

Project Description

The residents of Gulf Cove have reported that shoaling within the maintained canals has occurred since they were last dredged in 2010. Concerns regarding safe navigation within the canal have been brought to the County‚Äôs attention, prompting the initiation of this project. The Gulf Cove Waterway MSBU Committee has requested and approved a budget for survey and design only. Noting construction planning and services will be considered after all data is collected. Atkin Global Inc. was the selected firm. Atkins and Charlotte County negotiated scope and fees, and a PO was issued for the design work. A bathymetric survey will be conducted on all 35 canals within the waterway system, and data will be collected for the design of a -4' MLW depth. The data will be reviewed and presented to the MSBU with a recommendation on whether to proceed with an interior dredge project.

Project Location

Gulf Cove Waterway System, Port Charlotte Fl, 35 Interior Canals.


Phase Cost
Design $42,500.00
Engineering $139,190.00
Construction $1,600,000.00
Total Budget $1,781,690.00
Funding source(s): Gulf Cove Waterway MSBU


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Design Development 09/21/2020 06/01/2022
Construction 10/01/2022

Supporting Materials

Gulf Cove Interior Canal design and maintenance dredge project Project Image

Project Phase
Design Development

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Project Manager
Zach Patchell

Public Relations
Kimberly Kelley
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Public Works

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