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Kings Highway Widening

Project Description

This project is to widen Kings Highway from Sandhill Boulevard to the Desoto County line. This design and construction is to replace the existing roadway with a new 4 lane divided roadway with protected turn lanes. The design also includes utility infrastructure, street lighting and pedestrian sidewalks.

Project Location

Kings Highway from Sanhill Boulevard to the Desoto County line

Latest Updates

This project is currently in the beginning of the design phase. The survey contractor has started gathering all the site data to start the design layout.

30% plans are due on June 23, 2023


Phase Cost
Design $910,000
Construction $9,233,000
Total Budget $10,143,000
Funding source(s):

Road Impact Fee's C410501

Utility Repair and Replacement Fund C362205


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 12/12/2022 03/14/2023 02/23/2023
Design Development 02/23/2023 05/13/2024
Construction 08/19/2024 08/29/2025

Supporting Materials

Kings Highway Widening Project Image

Project Phase
Design Development

Last Updated

Project Manager
Jeff Keyser

Public Relations
Tracy Doherty
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Project Number

Sponsor Department
Public Works

Design Engineer/Architect
Johnson Engineering

Construction Contractor

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