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NWPC Interior Canal Maintenance Dredge

Project Description

The North West Port Charlotte MSBU Advisory Board has brought concerns to Charlotte County staff about restricted depths and safe navigation on the landward ends of their canals, including potential high spots located in the Markham, Cheshire, Apollo, Ingersol, Jupiter, and Bayshore Waterways. Previous dredge events include spot dredging of the interior waterways in 2009 and the access channel restoration dredge in 2004. This new request was first initiated in 2018 and was going to be a select spot dredge. The project was shelved for some time due to a lack of a quorum with the MSBU Advisory Board. In the second half of 2020, the board gained new members, and discussions of dredging continued. The request for a new dredge project remained, and a motion was approved to move forward with a more comprehensive dredge project to -3.5’MLW (Mean Low Water). County staff and Coastal Engineering Consultants have re-engaged in this design and permitting project with an increased scope of work. The end result will be a maintenance dredge along sections of the canals listed above to restore depth and safe navigation for boaters. Coastal will prepare final construction plans and bids specs and will apply for a notice of exemptions with state permitting agencies. Once this design work is concluded, the dredging will go out to bid, and a successful low contracting bidder will be awarded to carry out the dredging.

Project Location

 Markham, Cheshire, Apollo, Ingersol, Jupiter, and Bayshore Waterways. Canals within the NWPC MSBU waterway system.

Project Impacts

Increased trucking traffic on certain routes during the dredging process.

Restored depth and safer navigation / accessibility upon completion. 

Latest Updates

The interior maintenance dredge project design is complete. This project was unsuccessfully bid early summer, with few bidders and over budget bids. The over budget bids for the interior dredge project were reviewed with the Waterway MSBU Advisory Board and options were presented by county staff. The county fiscal department provided scenarios to increase the budget without the need for a loan or rate increase. Options were reviewed and the Advisory Board elected to go with the option that increases the budget and sets the job to be rebid this fall, giving a 12-month widow to complete the project. The county consultant engineer believes the increase bid time and duration to complete the project will bring in competitive bids to match the new budget, and since there was a lack of local bidders it's believed this will increase interest. Funding for this project will be available after the turn of the fiscal year / Oct.1. The rebidding of the project will come shortly after that.


Phase Cost
Engineering $121,410.00
Construction $450,000.00
Total Budget $571,410.00


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 01/01/2019
Design Development 01/01/2020 06/07/2021 06/01/2021
Construction 10/01/2021

Project Phase
Design Development

Last Updated

Project Manager
Zach Patchell

Public Relations
Karlene McDonald
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Sponsor Department
Public Works

Design Engineer/Architect
Coastal Engineering Consultants

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