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South Gulf Cove Parallel Locks Project

Project Description

This project consists of the permitting, surveying, engineering, and design of a parallel Lock, at the existing South Gulf Cove Locks location. This project will be funded through the SGC MSBU tax money. The Parallel Locks Project was initiated by request of the SGC MSBU due to the need for additional access in and out of the SGC waterway system. With the population steadily growing in Florida, specifically in this area, there is a growing number of boaters. Resulting in a higher traffic volume level through the existing lock. There have been reoccurring maintenance issues with the existing lock, with periods of downtime. It's because of these issues that this project is being initiated. To provide additional and timelier access and a secondary option of access in and out of the system.

Project Location

15801 Cattle Dock Point Road, South Gulf Cove. In the Butterford Waterway at the SGC Turn Basin.

Project Impacts

Possible delays of navigation during construction. Additional ingress and egress once complete.

Latest Updates

The County Design Consultant DMK completed the 60% construction plans for the Parallel Lock in early 2021. They're working towards 90% plans contingent on the permitting agencies responses and conditions. We received FDEP approval for this project but have been delayed from progressing design by the lack of ACOE permitting. The Army Corps has been in review of this project for some time and is working on environmental and protective species condition with US Fish &Wildlife. In Oct. of 2021 a manatee was killed at the existing Lock, and it's anticipated that Federal permitting could be further delayed until and investigation is concluded. Yet again in April of 2022 another manatee was crushed and killed in the lock gate, agencies have been notified. The county requested that DMK provide scope and fees for additional work of adding a Tender House to the design, requested by Public Work Management. An initial scope was sent to county staff, and then returned for comments. DMK has returned a copy of the revised scope for the addition of the Tender House to the design project. Project management recently provided comments on a second round in negotiating the scope and feels it is getting close to being finalized. DMK has submitted rough fees associated to the Tender House design and an estimate construction cost range. They also provided additional ballpark costs and options that have been discussed both internally and with the MSBU advisory board for consideration. DMK is working on collecting information on manatee protection devices to incorporate into the construction design. It is believed this is the best route to take to ensure manatee safety as well gain necessary permitting for agencies. The county is committed to designing the best and safest Lock design for the public and environment alike.  Project management is actively working towards resolving tasks necessary to advance permitting and design. In addition, the county has decided to move forward with the design of the Tender House but is still working through the details described above. Project Management submitted a request for permitting status update with Army Corps on 6-9-22 after not getting recent responses from US Fish and Wildlife who is involved with the review process. That request has went thus far unanswered, but the county consultant submitted a new request to ACOE on 6-21-22.


Phase Cost
Engineering $391,801.00
Construction $11,500,000.00
Other Costs $1,000,000.00
Total Budget $12,891,801.00
Funding source(s): South Gulf Cove Waterway MSBU


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Design Development 10/23/2018 11/01/2023
Construction 11/03/2025

Supporting Materials

South Gulf Cove Parallel Locks Project Project Image

Project Phase
Design Development

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Project Manager
Zach Patchell

Public Relations
Kimberly Kelley
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Sponsor Department
Public Works

Design Engineer/Architect
DMK Associates

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