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Commercial Tree

Allows removal of trees and or mulching and bush hogging on a residential site. Complete clearing of a property is not allowed without an associated building permit.

Required Forms & Documents

  • Tree Permit Application (1 original signed): 3-page Tree Permit Application. Includes the spreadsheet and 2-page Mulching Permit Application form
  • Tree Permit Application Package (1 original signed): 4-page Tree Permit Application Package (includes the spreadsheet and sample tree site plan)
  • Tree Site Plan Sample (2 copies or sets): Refer to this sample Tree Site Plan for assistance in preparing the required Tree Site Plan
  • Additional paperwork: If rental property, letter of consent from property owner(s).
  • Tree Permit Basics Brochure


At Time of Application
  • Natural Resources: Commercial - $80, Residential - $70

Note: Payments by check should be made payable to either "CCBCC" or Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Payments are also accepted by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

Department Reviews

  • Intake/Sufficiency: A review of the application & its required documents to verify completeness for acceptance and payment of initial fees.
  • Natural Resources: Verify that the proposed work will not impact a protected species (such as scrub jays, gopher tortoises, etc.). This includes coastal lighting impact on sea turtles.
  • Tree: Verify that trees proposed for removal are not Heritage Trees and ensure that the required amount of trees needed to be planted are indicated on the required drawings.
  • Permit Issuance: At this point, work may commence. The applicant will receive an approved copy of the permit package and a Permit-Inspections Job Card to be posted at the site printed with a list of the required inspections needed to complete the permit.

Typical Inspections/Certifications/As Builts

Inspection Type (IVR System Code):
  • Zoning Final (965)

Note: All proposed site development must first obtain a Charlotte County Tree Permit before any clearing of the site may begin. Please note that compliance with the landscaping does not or may not fully meet tree point requirements. Plans that are not approved must be revised to come into minimum compliance with Charlotte County Code and be resubmitted for review prior to approval.

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