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Community Development Operations Update Friday, March 27, 2020

Effective Date: 3/27/2020

Category: Plan Review/Permitting/Inspections

Community Development Operations COVID-19 Update Friday, March 27,2020

At this time, employees are still reporting to work and conducting business as usual, but our lobby will be closed to the public. Below is a brief synopsis of operations for permit submittal, plan review and inspections. Our customer service specialists will be on hand to answer any permitting questions that customers might have during this local emergency at 941.743.1201.

Submitting a permit:

All permits, paper and electronic, currently going through intake will be processed as normal. After today, any permits that need to be submitted will only be processed electronically. Licensed contractors will be required to set up an account at our online permitting portal to submit permits.

Owners that are acting as their own contractor (owner/builder) will have a different process as they will email their application and plans to for processing. This email is not for licensed contractors to use as they must use the online permitting portal. Applications for owner builders can be found at this link 

The County Clerks office is still recording documents using the E-Filing Portal at or the drop box in the parking lot at 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte for Notice of Commencements and other commonly recorded documents.

Plan Review:

Plan reviews on electronic and paper plans that are currently in the system will continue as normal but if the plans need corrections or they are changing, we will only accept an electronic submittal as stated above for intake. That means if you submitted paper plans originally and you have corrections or a change, then you will be required to submit plans electronically for re-review.

Permit Issuance:

The process for issuing electronic plans will remain the same for those who utilize the online permitting portal. For those contractors that have submitted paper plans and are ready for pick up they can create an online permitting account as referenced above and request county staff to scan and upload the plans to their account. Once the account is set up, please email staff at for converting paper to electronic plans. The contractor will then be responsible for downloading these plans and printing them off in color for the jobsite.

Permit issuance for owner/builders that already submitted paper plans and are ready to be picked up can call or email requesting the plans by email. For new owner/builder permits, the approved plans will be emailed to them when ready. Owner/builders are responsible for printing the plans off in color for the jobsite.


As of March 23, 2020 Charlotte County suspended inspections inside existing residential dwelling units which includes single family, duplex, group homes, apartments, condos, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Inspections may be conducted within garages for electrical panels, water heaters, a/c change outs, doors and windows at the inspector’s discretion as long as the occupant opens the overhead door and remains in the home. Garages that contain laundry facilities will be at the inspectors discretion.

Virtual inspections will be available March 30, 2020 for a/c changeouts, repipes and water heaters inside a dwelling unit. See instructions for virtual inspections at Microsoft Teams Contractor Instructions.

Inspections will continue for the following permit types with some discretion as noted:

  • Commercial Addition
  • Commercial Boatlift
  • Commercial Build Out
  • Commercial Building
  • Commercial Cage
  • Commercial Canopy
  • Commercial Carport
  • Commercial Change of Occupancy
  • Commercial Communication Tower
  • Commercial DCA Office
  • Commercial Deck
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Commercial Dock
  • Commercial Door
  • Commercial Electrical
  • Commercial Fence
  • Commercial Fire
  • Commercial Foundation
  • Commercial Irrigation System
  • Commercial Lanai
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Commercial Landscape Plan
  • Commercial Mechanical
  • Commercial Miscellaneous
  • Commercial Multifamily
  • Commercial Outdoor Storage
  • Commercial Parking Lot
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Commercial Pool Heat Pump
  • Commercial Remodel- except dwelling units
  • Commercial Roof-  not accessing through interior
  • Commercial Seawall
  • Commercial Shed
  • Commercial Shell
  • Commercial Shutters
  • Commercial Sign
  • Commercial Slab
  • Commercial Solar Photovoltaic
  • Commercial Substandard Drywall
  • Commercial Swimming Pool or Spa
  • Commercial Temporary Advertising
  • Commercial Temporary Use
  • Commercial Window
  • LD - Grade and Fill
  • LD - Right of Way
  • LD - Right of Way Utility
  • LD - Right of Way Utility - Internet
  • LD - Storm Water Permit
  • Residential Addition- with discretion
  • Residential Baby Barrier
  • Residential Barn
  • Residential Boatlift
  • Residential Cage
  • Residential Canopy
  • Residential Carport
  • Residential DCA Home
  • Residential Deck
  • Residential Demolition
  • Residential Dock
  • Residential Door- except in dwelling units
  • Residential Driveway
  • Residential Duplex
  • Residential Electrical- with discretion
  • Residential Fence
  • Residential Fire
  • Residential Garage
  • Residential Irrigation System
  • Residential Lanai- with discretion
  • Residential Mechanical- virtual or with discretion
  • Residential Miscellaneous – with discretion
  • Residential Mobile Home
  • Residential Mobile Home Addition – with discretion
  • Residential Modular Home
  • Residential Plumbing- virtual or with discretion
  • Residential Pool Heat Pump
  • Residential Pool or Spa- with discretion
  • Residential Remodel-except in dwelling units
  • Residential Roof
  • Residential Seawall
  • Residential Shed
  • Residential Shutters- with discretion
  • Residential Single Family
  • Residential Slab
  • Residential Solar Photovoltaic- with discretion
  • Residential Townhouse
  • Residential Tree
  • Residential Window-except in dwelling units

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