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Removal of Prohibited Plant & Tree Species During Construction

Effective Date: 8/3/2018

Category: Inspections

Removal of Prohibited Plant & Tree Species During Construction

This is an advisory notice regarding invasive plant & tree species and their removal during construction.

The “Buffers, Landscaping & Tree Requirements Code,” which is part of the Charlotte County Code of Laws & Ordinances, contains a provision in Section 3-9-100 (f) (16) that requires the removal of invasive plant & tree species during construction. Typical invasive species found in our area are Australian pine, Brazilian pepper, and carrotwood trees. The complete list of prohibited invasive species that must be removed are identified in the most recent edition of the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s List of Invasive Plant Species as Category I which can be found online at Look under Quick Links in the left column and click on “FLEPPC List of Invasive Plant Species” to view the latest list.

Please also note that at the time of the Tree Inspection (residential permit types) and the Landscape Inspection (commercial permit types), prohibited species must have been removed or the inspection will be failed and must be rescheduled. In addition, a $50 reinspection fee will be assessed.

If more information is needed, please contact the Planning & Zoning Division at 941.743.1964 or email Thank you.

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