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Scrub Jay Nesting Season 2022

Effective Date: March:1, 2022

Posting Date: February 18, 2022

Scrub-Jay Nesting Season 2022  - March 1st through July 1st

Scrub-Jay Nesting Season 2022 is almost here and the protocol remains the same as last season.

  • Only available on parcels under 1.00 acre.
  • No other listed species must be present on site.
  • Scrub-jay nesting surveys must be conducted by an environmental consultant or other professional wildlife biologist in accordance with FWS survey protocol starting in the early morning (approx. one hour after sunrise) and should only take place on calm, clear days.
  • Nesting surveys must consist of broadcasting the call at pre-determined transects around the entire parcel for a total of at least 16 minutes in addition to conducting a thorough visual survey of all woody vegetation present on site.
  • Final report should include:
    • Date and weather conditions
    • Locations of playback stations
    • Transect lines including FLUCCS map
    • Scrub-jay data sheet(s), location and description of any nests found onsite
  • If scrub-jays are observed on the lot, then vegetative clearing and other construction activities will be postponed until nesting season is over.
  • If an active migratory bird nest is discovered during the survey, then vegetative clearing and other construction activities will be postponed until consultation with the Service is complete.
  • Once survey has been reviewed and vegetation is clearing approved, clearing activities must commence within 48 hours.

Contact the Zoning Section at 941.743.1964 or for more information.

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