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Transfer Of Density Units (TDU)

The County employs a Transfer of Density Units (TDU) program that shifts residential density from areas where it is inappropriate to areas where the development of those residences are more appropriate.

The TDU program identifies sending zones, areas where density is removed, and receiving zones, areas where density is added. The intent of the TDU process is to:

  • Assist and encourage the removal of old, outdated, platted lots and subdivisions throughout the County.
  • Assist and encourage the replacement of an unsustainable and inefficient form of development with compact, higher density, mixed use development that is more sustainable and efficiently utilizes resources.
  • Incentivize the retention of long-term agricultural activities and clustering of rural development densities as an alternative to rural large lot sprawl in order to reduce the premature conversion of rural lands and preserve rural character and viewsheds.
  • Incentivize the voluntary preservation of environmentally sensitive lands.
  • Help preserve archaeological and historic sites.

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