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Conservation Charlotte

Protecting environmentally sensitive lands balances the impacts of future growth while buffering sensitive areas from encroachment. Environmentally sensitive lands perform free services for us, including: flood control, filtering our water resources, recharging our aquifer, cleaning our air, and providing open spaces and recreational opportunities. Without protecting environmental lands these services cost much more. Preserving our special places allows us to avoid future infrastructure costs, and helps to keep Charlotte County unique and beautiful.

All plants and animals on Conservation Charlotte properties are protected.

Conservation Charlotte Preserves

About the Conservation Charlotte Program

On November 7, 2006, Charlotte County citizens voted to tax themselves for the purchase of environmentally sensitive lands. They approved a referendum authorizing the County to issue up to $77 million in bonds to purchase environmentally sensitive lands. The bonds are paid for by a .20 mil ad valorem tax, equal to about 20 cents on every $1,000 of tax assessed land value. The tax will be levied annually for 20 years until 2027. All funds raised by these bonds will be used to buy and manage environmental lands and open space. These lands will be held in preservation for public use.

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