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Aquatic Programs

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H20 Boot Camp

H20 Bootcamp is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout in the water. It includes our toughest water aerobics moves plus lap swimming in between timed sets of exercises. H20 Boot camp utilizes water weights, noodles, and other various equipment that is provided. If you’re looking for a low-impact/high-intensity work out, boot camp is for you. 

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Water Aerobics

With a compound list of various exercises, our water aerobics program offers a well-rounded mobility focused set of exercises suitable for all ability ranges. Our instructors work hard to provide a balanced workout and alternative exercises for anyone who may need a modification for the exercise based on their current ability. Participants must be 18 or older. 

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Lap Swimming

Lap swimming offers a wonderful experience for all levels of fitness. With a lap-lane exclusive workout that all ages and skill levels may participate in. When lap lanes fill up, we encourage circle swimming, or you may wait for the next swimmer to exit the pool. Admission to Lap Swimming also grants admission to all recreational swimming areas for the day as well. 

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Recreational Swimming

Our recreational swimming program is unique to each Charlotte County aquatic facility. All three regional pools have a dive well with a depth of 12 and a half feet as well as a one-meter diving board. The three regional pools also offer a shallow end swimming with basketball hoops and the length of the shallow ends are perfect for the daytime relaxer as well as water-walkers. The Port Charlotte Beach Park Pool has a uniquely designed shape, excellent for water-walking, relaxing and convenient for exercising as well as relaxing conversation. Paying admission to Recreational Swimming also grants admission to all lap swimming areas for the day as well. 


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