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Construction Industry Licensing Board

The CILB was established under Section 3-2-42 of the Code of Laws and Ordinances for Charlotte County. There are nine members of the board, who are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to serve four-year terms. These members consist of one general contractor, one plumbing contractor, one electrical contractor, one air conditioning or mechanical contractor, one specialty contractor, one state-registered architect or engineer, and three members of the general public with no financial interest, direct or indirect, in the building trades. They must be residents of or maintain a principal place of business in the county for two years before they can serve on the board, and contractors must have a current and active certificate of competency issued either by the state or the county.

Meeting Schedule

The Charlotte County Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) meets the first Thursday of every other month at 4:00 p.m. in Room 119, 18500 Murdock Circle, County Administration Center, Port Charlotte. The meetings are recorded and broadcast on CC-TV at a later date. The meetings are quasi-judicial, subject to the Florida Sunshine Law. Members of the board must not discuss with each other any matter which comes before them or visit any site relevant to a matter before them with another member of the board, unless such discussion or site visit occurs at a hearing advertised and open to the public.

Roles and Responsibilities

The CILB meets for the purpose of recommending policy regarding the function, supervision and administration of the Charlotte County Community Development Department. We are the Board of Examiners for Licensing Construction contractors within the county and are responsible for determining the qualifications of persons for the various types of registered contractor licenses.

The CILB is given jurisdiction over all matters concerning contractor licensing within Chapter 3-2 of the Charlotte County Code and State Laws regulating the construction industry. Cases of wayward or unlicensed contractors are brought before the CILB to determine if discipline is needed. Some of the powers of the CILB are:

  • To develop and adopt minimum standards for certificates of competency of local and registered contractors
  • To determine the qualifications of applicants for the various types of registered contractors' certificate of competency and approve or deny issuance thereof.
  • To hold and conduct hearings in an effort to determine the validity of alleged violations brought by the county against local specialty, registered and certified contractors.
  • To discipline a certified contractor, registered contractor or local specialty contractor found in violation of this chapter, state laws regulating the construction industry, zoning codes, or any requirements.
  • To impose fines, order restitution and assess reasonable investigative and legal costs associated with the prosecution of violations, pursuant to F.S. section 489.131(7)(b). Any fines, restitution and costs so imposed shall be in addition to any other discipline authorized in this section.


Mechelle Simes - Staff Liaison, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 941.743.1538


  • Michael Melton - Chair
  • Robert Elie - Vice Chair
  • Christian W. Knight
  • Charles Hackbarth
  • Michael P. Ferrara
  • Mathew Jones
  • Charles Rand
  • Dianne Quilty

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