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Fiscal Planning Scorecard

GOAL: Continue to increase the effectiveness of local government and maintain a strong financial condition.

Effectiveness Measures:

Charlotte County received one of the top ratings that a ratings agency assigns to an issuer or insurer. This rating signifies that the security or carrier has stable financial backing and ample cash reserves. The risk of default for investors or policyholders is very low. ​

  • Outstanding debt per capita is a standardized ratio recommended for monitoring debt by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). The ratio for Charlotte County has consistently been reduced over the past four years.
  • ​Charlotte County's Reserve Policy establishes a reserve goal of 35% of total budget. This includes sub goals of:
    • Contingency Reserve on 5% - 10%
    • Cash Carry-forward Reserve of 5% - 10%
    • Fiscal Stabilization Reserve of at least 15%
    • For more details on the County's Reserve Policy.

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