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Water Resources Scorecard

GOAL: Ensure quality and quantity of water resources when and where they are needed and provide a safe and reliable water supply.

Citizen Survey Measures:

Effectiveness Measures:

Charlotte County's commitment to water conservation has helped guarantee there is sufficient water capacity in reserve today to meet projected water demands past 2032. While the customer base has grown, it has maintained a steady & consistent usage of approximately 10 million gallons per day (MGD) due to practicing conservation and retrofitting homes and schools with water-efficient plumbing devices.

While Utilities has always had more water customers than sewer customers, both types of services have been growing since 2005 and added about 20,000 new connections each. This is primarily due to a few new growth areas in the county as well as the conversion of aging septic tanks to central sewer.

Even though the sewer program is expanding within the county, roughly 1/3 of the developed parts of the county are still being served by septic tanks.

Potable drinking water delivered to the door of Charlotte County customers is meeting 99% of primary and secondary regulatory standards.

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