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Right-of-way Permit Requirements

Charlotte County Ordinance 85-43 establishes requirements covering construction or restoration within County right-of-ways and easements.

When Required

Permits issued by Charlotte County are required for all work done in county right-of-ways and easements, or use thereof for access including but not limited to:

  1. Driveway installations, reinstallations or resurfacing (see also VI-A,J for driveways on collector street or near bridges).
  2. Culvert pipe installation.
  3. All utility installations, overhead or underground including, but not limited to, sanitary sewer, water lines, electric conductors, conduit, cable TV. (Bond required in advance exclusive of home services from Utility Contractors).
  4. Sod installation
  5. Material storage
  6. Sprinkler installation
  7. Pool installation which occurs after building C.O.
  8. Relocation of buildings or heavy machinery.
  9. Pavement construction or repair (including acceleration, deceleration, or turn lanes). Bond required in advance, except in connection with permits for new driveways or modifications to existing driveways.

Permit Requirements

Permit applications shall be filed at the permitting office in Murdock, concurrent with application for building permit. A reasonable fee (see index, fees) shall be established by the County. In all cases a scaled and dimensioned drawing indicating the type, location and dimensions of the proposed work must be submitted with the permit application. A copy of the engineering plot plan is preferred with the proposed driveway drawn on to scale. FREEHAND SKETCHES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

In the event of a request for a permit to construct a driveway for access to a vacant lot, to resod within a right of way, to repair and/or restore damages, to widen an existing driveway, to replace a swale drive by installation of a culvert, or any other permit not requiring a building permit, a separate permit will be issued to cover all work to be performed within the right of way.

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Contact : Bob (Robert) Lee, Right-of-Way Specialist, at 941.743.1264 or

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