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Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Section of the Planning & Zoning division investigates non-anonymous reports of possible code violations such as:

  • Junk-like conditions
  • Abandoned motor vehicles (on private property)
  • Abandoned watercraft
  • Tall grass (except on vacant lots which is not a violation)
  • Setback requirements
  • Permit requirements
  • Landscape inspections (commercial and residential)
  • Sign inspections
  • Commercial Changes of Occupancy

Report a Code, Licensing or Building Code Violation

Option 1: Use the online Citizen Access Portal and follow the instructions How to Report or Track a Code Violation Online.

Option 2: Call 941.743.1201, press "1" for Code, and a code compliance administrative assistant will submit the information for you.

Option 3: Send an email to Please be aware that email addresses are subject to Florida's Open Records law.

Anonymous Code Violation Complaints

Due to Florida legislative changes in 2021, a code inspector may not initiate an investigation of a potential code violation based on an anonymous complaint. The only exceptions are if a violation pertains to an imminent threat to public health, safety, or welfare or imminent destruction of habitat or sensitive resources. 

Illegal Dumping

Report Illegal Dumping online or by phone to the Solid Waste division of Public Works at 1.866.Y.DUMP.CC or 866.938.6722.

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