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Dogs In Parks

Dog in a Park

Dog Parks

Charlotte County dog parks offer over one acre of fenced-in land where your K-9 friend can behave like an animal! There are dog friendly water stations, bag stations and trash cans for your depositing convenience and small fenced-in area as an alternate for small dogs. The following dog parks were created as a place for people to enjoy their dogs, off-leash:

Many families cannot afford the luxury of providing quality park time with their dogs, separate from the time they can spend with their children. If you choose to bring your child to the park, it is very important for your child's safety that you supervise your child closely. The safest place for your child is standing by your side or holding your hand. If you choose to let your child play within the dog area, please read the Dogs in Parks Rules. We invite you to join us for some quality K-9 time.

Follow Dog Park Rules

Dog-friendly Parks

Charlotte County dog-Friendly parks are a place for people to enjoy their dogs on-leash. With a little safety and knowledge of the Dogs in Parks Rules, you and your furry loved one can enjoy a day at the park!

Charlotte County dog-friendly parks with designated areas for walking your dog on a leash are:

​** Dogs are not permitted on beaches or fishing piers per County Ordinance: (Ord. No. 98-070, § 14, 12-1-98; Ord. No. 2000-033, § 2, 9-26-00; Ord. No. 2012-023, § 1, 6-12-12)

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