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County Attorney FAQ

Who do I call with questions about the disposition of my case or hearing date?
​If the issue pertains to County Code Enforcement or Construction Industry Licensing, please call the Community Development Department at 941.743.1201. If the matter pertains to a civil or criminal case with the court system, please call Charlotte County Court Administration at 941.637.2281 or the State Attorney’s Office at 941.637.2104.

Who do I call for legal advice or answers to my legal questions?
​The County Attorney’s Office can only represent its client, the County of Charlotte, including the Board of County Commissioners, and the departments within the County government.
Citizens may contact:

Who should I contact to make a Public Records Request?
​You may call 941.743.1441 or email

Who do I call to report potential violations or illegal acts?
​For potential county code or contractor violations, please call the Community Development Division at 941.743.1201.

For potential criminal acts, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 941.639.2101 or the State Attorney's Office at 941.637.2104.

For potential regulatory or consumer rights violations, please contact the State's Division of Consumer Services:

  • Florida Department of Agriculture/Division of Consumer Services at | 800.435.7352
  • Lemon Law Hotline 800.321.5366
  • Florida Department of Legal Affairs or Florida Attorney General 850.414.3990
  • Consumer Fraud Hotline 866.966.7226

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