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18500 Murdock Circle
Port Charlotte, FL 33948

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Operations Core Service Mission Statement: Provide quality services, logistical and customer support in an efficient and professional manner to ensure safe, clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing facilities for our employees to work and public to discover, visit and enjoy. 

Operations provide front line staffing to support building function and operations to ensure Facilities' buildings are clean, safe, and well maintained for public and staff use. We also support elected officials and their operations within our facilities when asked to perform simple tasks or provide guidance for them.

Operational Support Services

Building function and operational support including:
  • Fixed asset inventory systems
  • Building and safety checks and inspections
  • Preventative maintenance program and repairs
  • Recycling at the Murdock Administration Campus and Justice Center
  • Access control for supported buildings
  • Custodial services
  • Supplemental care of lawns, trees, and shrubs

Facilities Construction and Maintenance
18500 Murdock Circle
Building D
Port Charlotte, FL 33948

Phone: 941.743.1392
Fax: 941.743.1568


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