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Choices & Chances

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Choices and Chances is a film that covers youth issues of texting while driving, bullying, drinking, drugs, abuse, PTSD, survivor guilt, and teen suicide by bringing the audience into the turbulent world of today’s youth. This film can be used by any community to start a conversation about these difficult topics. The film can be shown in its entirety or as four stand-alone episodes featuring each of the elements mentioned above.

Choices and Chances Video and Toolkit

Choices and Chances can be used as a teaching aid in course curriculum or shown to any group to start a discussion. It is recommended you gather localized resource material and ask subject matter professionals to be at your community showing.

Request video by filling out the online form.

Possible showing locations:

  • Middle and High school classrooms  
  • Community Organizations 
  • Youth Groups 
  • Church’s 
  • Corporate Training 
  • Government’s Organizations 
  • Non-Profits  
  • The possibilities are endless 

To preview the entire film, a watermarked video screener link is available upon request. Contact

Choices and Chances Reviews

Bobby Petrocelli
Speaker, Author, Coach, The YOU MATTER movement
"I have been working with teens for over 36 years. I worked as a teacher, coach, counselor, speaker, and author. The movie and toolkit CHOICES AND CHANCES is an absolutely phenomenal resource to impact the lives of youth and those working with them! LOVE How this program goes after the WHY'S BEHIND THE WHAT'S! It identifies the ROOTS behind behavior!"

David Sonne
School Resource Officer, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
“I think it is important for parents to understand, the way they treat their children at home, is how their children will treat other's outside of the home. Parent's need to be supportive of whatever their child's ambitions are and try very hard not to be negative about it even if they do not agree.”

Dr. Michael Desjardins
Executive Director of School Support Services, Charlotte County Public Schools
“Choices and Chances captured the myriad of challenges facing teenagers today. Issues such as bullying, suicide, drinking, and social media are constant pressures that our students must navigate through daily. This film allows our students to see that they aren't experiencing these issues in isolation and that there is a support base available to them. Choices and Chances bring the social pressures facing teens into a local perspective.”

Bill Prummell
Sheriff, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office 
"I hope this will bring awareness to teens and families."

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