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East Port Water Reclamation Facility

East Port History
In 1982 when the East Port Bio-Nitrogen Plant was built, it was a modern facility that offered secondary treatment of wastewater for the residents of Port Charlotte. Over the years, much higher standards were developed for the treatment of domestic waste. In 1994, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) issued a Consent Order to Charlotte County giving strict deadlines to improve the wastewater treatment system. These ordered improvements included the introduction of reclaimed water to the Port Charlotte area. This would allow the County to start reusing water for irrigation rather than injecting much of the treated wastewater into the deep well.

East Port Site
The East Port site encompasses nearly 500 acres of land, much of it dedicated to wildlife, woodlands, and conservation. The water reclamation facility itself covers approximately 80 acres and contains two injection wells and two storage reservoirs. The spray irrigation fields encompass nearly 165 acres. Fifty-one acres have been set aside as an official conservation easement, and the remaining land is mainly woodlands. The site is home to more than 20 varieties of birds, including great egrets, ospreys, and Carolina wrens. Other wildlife make East Port their home as well. Gopher tortoises, scrub jays, bobcats, armadillos, cottontails, and alligators are among the inhabitants.

Deep Well Injection
Deep Injection Well IW-1 is a Class I injection well with a depth of approximately 3,547 feet. Deep Injection Well IW-2 is a Class I injection well with a depth of approximately 3,246 feet. Both wells are permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. A dual zone monitoring well samples in both the shallow zone at 1,492 feet and a deeper zone at 2,330 feet.

Location: 3100 Loveland Boulevard, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980

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