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Affidavit Verification of an Executed Contract for Purchase & Sale of Real Property

Legal owners of record may apply for a release or occupation of a county easement.

The county also accepts requests from contracted purchasers of property subject to certain conditions. First, the request will only be accepted so long as an executed contract for sale and purchase exists between the seller and the buyer. Second, the buyer must provide a signed affidavit to Real Estate Services at the time of request confirming that an executed contract for sale and purchase of the real estate is in effect. The affidavit only confirms that a contract exists without having to reveal the sales price or the terms of the contract. Third, the buyer is required to provide Real Estate Services with a copy of the deed immediately after closing.

By using this alternative method, the buyer has control of the request while also eliminating problems in communication between the seller, the buyer, the real estate agent, and any contractors. It also enables Real Estate Services to undertake the review in a timely fashion with the submission of the completed review and recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners as soon as possible after transfer of title.

If you are a contracted buyer, you are encouraged to discuss both options with Real Estate Services to determine the most appropriate approach for your particular circumstances.

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