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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services primary functions are the acquisition and disposal of real property for County purposes and the administration of the release & occupation of easement program. In addition, Real Estate Services provides:

  • a variety of real property consulting and advisory functions to County departments, primarily related to the acquisition of real property for specific projects or programs. It also assists in developing strategies and packages for the sale of unique County owned properties. In providing these services the Real Estate Services Division secures necessary appraisals, coordinates with various State agencies, as needed, and conducts negotiations with property owners. If an agreement for sale or purchase of a property is achieved, the Division coordinates the closing process with the property owner, the applicable County department, and the County's closing agent.
  • due diligence on all Real Estate matters including but not limited to review of project plans, all legal descriptions, including sketches of description, ordering and review of: Appraisals, Building Inspections, Phase 1 Environmental Reports, Phase 2 Environmental reports, if necessary, rental rates for commercial office space, etc.
  • consulting services providing assistance to all County departments on real property matters.
  • litigation testimony & mediation in conjunction with the County Attorney and or her designee in all contested acquisitions and eminent domain proceedings.

Lot Donation

The Board of County Commissioners will consider accepting lot donations with the following restrictions:

  • Lots must be in an Urban Service Area unless the lot is deemed environmentally sensitive or meets other requirements for the County.
  • All outstanding mortgages, liens, assessments and real estate taxes must be paid.
  • The Property must have clear title.
  • The County must have a specific need for the parcel being donated.

When a request is received, it is circulated and reviewed by key departments and divisions within the County. If a department or division has a current or future need for the property, the parcel will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for acceptance, and upon acceptance the parcel will be designated in the inventory for this future use.

When the property is accepted for donation Real Estate Services drafts a warranty deed and an affidavit of no liens for the property owners signature.


​Real Estate Services Division
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